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From health benefits to considerable cost savings, homeowners find an abundance of reasons to buy a hot tub from Half Price Hot Tubs
by Bob Craig

Sure, a hot tub is a lot of fun and has the potential to make its owner the center of a social circle. It is also a legitimate part of a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Unfortunately, some homeowners shy away from investing in a hot tub due to the perception that hot tubs come with sky-high price tags. That, however, is not the case at Half Price Hot Tubs, which offers exactly what its name implies: hot tubs for half price.

On top of the already low prices, the health, therapeutic and social benefits are among countless reasons why owning a hot tub is of utmost value. It all begins with hydrotherapy. The three factors that combine to create hydrotherapy are heat, buoyancy and massage. This natural remedy creates an experience that relaxes the muscles and joints while relieving the body of its daily wear and tear.

“Immersing yourself in hot water raises the body temperature and causes blood vessels to dilate, resulting in increased circulation,” explains Keith Patridge, owner of Half Price Hot Tubs, which is located in Marcus Hook. “Also, buoyancy is where the body becomes weightless and so the buoyancy of the water reduces body weight and creates a relaxing, weightless sensation.”

Furthermore, soaking in a hot tub essentially provides a full-body massage. The jets relax tight muscles and stimulate endorphins, which act as natural painkillers, to relieve stiff and sore muscles.

“A person with arthritis will find that soaking in a hot tub—especially in the morning—provides all-day relief,” says Patridge. “People who play sports, people who work hard physical labor jobs and people who work on their feet all day are going to get a tremendous amount of relief.”

Hot tubs not only relieve stress and alleviate pain but also have the potential to improve sleep. According to Patridge, an average of 15 minutes in the hot tub before bedtime will help anyone sleep more soundly.

While the health benefits are exceptional, having a hot tub can also enhance one’s social life. Rather than a pool, which can only be utilized during the summer, a hot tub can be the center of a party all year long.

However, because hot tubs are usable year round, having a hot tub is not a full-time job. Many hot tubs also come with Smart Tub Technology, meaning the maintenance is virtually nonexistent.

“[Smart Tub Technology] is where the consumer never has to add chemicals and never has to test the water,” Patridge explains. “It is all inline, where the hot tub will add whatever is needed to maintain clean, crystal-clear water.”

All hot tubs available at Half Price Hot Tubs have textured shells and synthetic exterior cabinetry, which requires nothing more than a quick spray with a garden hose. In addition to the minimal upkeep, customers of Half Price Hot Tubs will find comfort in the fact that the company provides “white glove” delivery services.

“What ultimately sets us apart is that we’re local,” explains Patridge. “We carry only five-star-rated brands, and we service every single hot tub we carry.” Half Price Hot Tubs has a unique relationship with six different hot-tub manufacturers. The manufacturer can ship hot tubs that have been ordered by distributors but were never sold. This allows Half Price Hot Tubs to sell them at half price.

“That unique opportunity allows the consumer to purchase a brand new 2013 hot tub with a full factory warranty,” Patridge says. “Customers will pay only half of the regular price that they would pay in a traditional hot tub store.”

All six brands carried by Half Price Hot Tubs are made in the United States: Dynasty Spas, Pinnacle Spas, Strong Spas, Four Winds, Premium Leisure and Go Spas. Half Price Hot Tubs has as many as 40 hot tubs available for viewing in its showroom at any given time, which allows potential buyers to find the perfect hot tub that meets their needs.

Each of the hot tubs available from Half Price Hot Tubs has a completely insulated bottom. These top-rated insulation systems keep the water at the exact desired temperature.

“We have very knowledgeable consultants who have been in the industry for many years and can answer every question,” Patridge explains. “We will walk them through every aspect of operation and maintenance for their spa. They can also expect a full detailed introduction session.”

Hot tubs carried by Half Price Hot Tubs are top of the line, and many come with different features. Some features that are available are LED lighting, pop-up televisions and complete stereo packages that include CD players, speakers, subwoofers and docking stations for MP3 players and smartphones.

“The LED lights have 10 different color schemes that illuminate and really set the mood and ambiance, especially in the evening hours,” Patridge boasts. “They also have waterfalls and water-show features.”

In addition to their many features, hot tubs carried by Half Price Hot Tubs are energy efficient. On average, to own and operate a large hot tub costs less than $20 per month. Small models might cost as little as $10 per month.

Clearly, there is an abundance of reasons for homeowners to purchase a hot tub. Most of the benefits are important to their health and that of their entire family. With an array of brands and features to choose from, aided by an exceptional staff, buying a hot tub for half price seems almost essential for living an enjoyable life.

The real question, then, is why shouldn’t a homeowner buy a hot tub? He could be biased, but Patridge can’t think of one.

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