Continuously Caring
For 40 years, CMB Family Dentistry has offered its patients the highest quality of care in the most comfortable circumstances
by Sharon A. Shaw

Dentistry is a constantly evolving field, but one thing that hasn’t changed in the 40 years that CMB Family Dentistry has been in practice is the importance of personal service.

After graduating from the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Dental Medicine William Munley, D.M.D., served two years in the Naval Dental Corps and was a clinical associate at the University of Pennsylvania Dental School in the restorative department. While teaching at Penn, he joined the existing practice of Henry Cluver, D.M.D., in Broomall, which became CMB Family Dentistry, where he has remained a crucial part of that organization for the last 35 years.

In 2001 David Brown, D.D.S., joined the practice after graduating from the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, University of Maryland and completing his general practice residency at Abington Memorial Hospital where he received advanced training in endodontics, oral surgery, advanced prosthetic dentistry and periodontal therapy. Dr. Cluver retired only two years ago, but CMB Family Dentistry continues to provide care for many of the same families it has since its inception. “It is not unusual for us to see, in a week, three to four generations of the same family,” says Dr. Munley.

CMB Family Dentistry offers services to patients of all ages and needs. It is a general dental practice promoting oral health with regular preventive-maintenance appointments combined with patient education.  It provides oral and periodontal surgery, restorative dentistry, including aesthetic restorations, crowns and bridge, veneers and implant dentistry, as well as cosmetic services such as Invisalign and the Zoom! teeth-whitening system.  

Throughout its existence the practice has seen a number of changes, especially related to the materials techniques and technology employed in the field. CMB Family Dentistry has managed to remain at the forefront of the field by maintaining its commitment to continuing-education. Drs. Munley and Brown participate in “Dentists Keeping Up,” a continuing-education program of the Chester-Delaware County Dental Society of which Dr. Munley serves as co-chair. “It is a pleasure to get together and exchange ideas,” he says. “The practice and patients have benefited. … From each idea absorbed, we have become better dentists in the aspect of new techniques while understanding our patients’ needs and concerns.” Both doctors are active in the Academy of General Dentistry, members of the Chester-Delaware County Dental Society, the American Dental Association and the Pennsylvania Dental Association, among others.

Dr. Brown estimates that they easily receive more than double the amount of hours of continuing education required by the Pennsylvania Dental Board to retain a license. He especially enjoys hearing specialists speak about their area of expertise as he believes it helps the practice provide a more well-rounded and informed diagnosis and treatment of patients. Dr. Brown’s own unique experience also enhances this capability. During his residency at Abington Memorial Hospital one of his duties was treating emergency-room cases involving trauma to patients’ mouths and teeth.  “It was truly an exhilarating experience and I pride myself on dealing with patients who have sustained trauma,” he says.

This sort of diversified experience and education makes CMB Family Dentistry well suited to addressing a variety of patient concerns, from routine oral hygiene visits to full-mouth reconstruction to improve one’s smile. “Patients are very comfortable with our dental staff,” says Dr. Munley. “They prefer to have all their treatment completed at our practice; however, there are instances where we need to refer our patients to specialists. We do have a network of like-minded specialists that are similar to us in philosophy and treatment.”

The doctors’ shared philosophy is providing each patient with a customized treatment option which best fits his or her needs, not necessarily the latest or most expensive. “The best for them may be less than the ideal but optimal for them due to age, health or finance,” Dr. Munley notes. “When our patients have an emergency, we strive to get them into the office that day if not the next day.”

Both Dr. Munley and Dr. Brown derive great satisfaction from being able to provide relief. “We discuss treatment options with patients so they may receive the care they need and offer financial arrangements they can afford,” Dr. Munley says. Of course, for those individuals who are interested in cosmetically improving their smile with latest procedures for treatment and aesthetics, CMB Family Dentistry is well prepared to provide these options as well.

There is scientific research linking periodontal disease and its overall effect on the whole body and its relationship to general health and longevity. This has brought attention to the general public the necessity of maintaining oral health, according to Dr. Munley.

“The line between cosmetic and necessity has blurred in the last decade,” he says. “It goes well beyond how things look.” He notes that procedures such as implants and restorations, while they may improve the aesthetics of a patient’s smile; have become accepted as the new standard of care, allowing the patient to keep more of their own teeth. “The general population’s attitude has come more in line with maintaining optimal care,” he says.

Dr. Brown notes aesthetics are important as well, especially as it pertains to self-confidence. “If patients are self-conscious about the appearance of their teeth they won’t smile as often as a person who has a beautiful bright smile,” he says. “It feels good to have more confidence in your appearance, which tends to make you happier, smile more and create a higher self-esteem.” Dr. Brown enjoys having the ability to improve the quality of a patient’s life almost immediately. He is especially proud of being able to help one patient in particular, a man in his mid-50s who had not been to a dentist in as many as 15 years.

“The majority of his teeth were decayed, broken and stained,” he says. “I was able to restore his teeth with implants and crowns.” This patient knew that Dr. Brown regularly visits local elementary schools and preschools to teach kids good oral hygiene habits, so he asked Dr. Brown to share his story with the children and show them the before-and-after images. Not only did Dr. Brown’s efforts improve this man’s life, they also gave him the confidence to positively impact the lives of others. “This man was embarrassed by his teeth before, but now he wants to share his story,” he says.

The doctors of CMB Family Dentistry understand that fear and unpleasant previous experiences prevent many people from seeking the dental care they need. “Our slogan is, ‘We cater to cowards,’” Dr. Brown says. “We always ask new patients why they chose us and try to determine why they may have been unhappy with their previous treatment. We can ease them into treatment by starting with easier procedures and do little things to comfort them: ask how they are, provide a play-by-play if they want, and call the next day to see how they are doing. It is as if we are treating a family member.”

Technology has helped to ease some of the discomfort of dental care as well. The “wand,” for example, is a computerized anesthesia delivery system used by CMB Family Dentistry. “Patients do not even know they are getting anesthesia,” Dr. Munley says. “It does not distend tissue and allows the patient to receive a more comfortable injection.” Nitrous oxide is also available to relieve anxious patients. It gives the patient a euphoric feeling, making the appointment time seem to go by more quickly for apprehensive patients. Drs. Brown and Munley appreciate technology such as digital radiography and intraoral cameras; they are able to communicate with the patient concerns while the image of the tooth is on a large screen monitor in front of them. This technology helps not only the doctor but also the patient by allowing them to see and understand what treatment needs are being explained and building trust and confidence in the doctor-patient relationship. “Patients love seeing the images,” Dr. Brown says.  

In the end, both agree that it is the warm reception and personal attention that keeps patients coming back to CMB Family Dentistry. “It starts with the staff,” Dr. Munley says. “We have staff members that have been here for not years but decades. … They have confidence in being here and referring their friends and family. Our staff is our greatest asset.”

“Our goal is to have the highest quality of care in the most comfortable and friendly circumstances, while building long-term relationships with our patients” adds Dr. Brown. In spite of all the advances in dentistry, that is one thing that will never change at CMB Family Dentistry.

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