Skin Deep
Brinton Lake Dermatology offers the full gamut of services to preserve patients’ health and beauty, from head to toe
by Bill Donahue

The skin is the human body’s largest and, in some ways, most delicate organ. To preserve its health and beauty, people throughout the Philadelphia area turn to the physicians at Brinton Lake Dermatology in Glen Mills. They do so because no matter the need—a routine skin analysis, a cosmetic procedure designed to bring out the best in one’s appearance or the removal of a life-threatening skin cancer—Brinton Lake Dermatology is uniquely suited to provide the best solution possible.

Brinton Lake Dermatology boasts a highly experienced, long-tenured staff, including three board-certified dermatologists: Robin B. Scheiner, M.D., who founded the practice in 1990; Lisa Hostetler, M.D., Ph.D., who joined in 1994; and Kari W. Boucher, M.D., who joined in 2001. The three doctors offer comprehensive medical dermatology and surgical dermatology, as well as an array of cosmetic procedures.  

“We’re highly trained in what we do every day,” says Dr. Scheiner, who split her three-year dermatology residency between the Skin and Cancer Hospital of Temple University and Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, where she served as chief resident in dermatology. “We are all constantly going to continuing-education meetings to keep on the forefront of what is cutting edge in our specialty. We’re also trained to recognize skin signs of systemic disease, so we truly look at the whole patient.

“We are very mindful of listening to each patient’s concerns and addressing those concerns,” she continues. “We spend as much time as possible with patients and look at each one as a whole person, not an individual problem. Whereas some practices are looking to move people through and maximize their income, we’re more concerned with providing good, quality care.”

The practice excels at providing expert care to patients of all ages, from infants to the elderly, treating common dermatologic conditions such as skin cancer, acne, eczema, moles and psoriasis, among others. Also, the practice is committed to offering proven technologies and therapies.

“When a new technology or new therapy becomes available, we evaluate it with a critical eye,” says Dr. Scheiner. “We want to offer only the things with good science behind them so we know they are safe and effective for our patients. When we choose our therapies, we choose them based on what the patient is concerned about as well as what will be the most effective for them.”

Drs. Scheiner, Hostetler and Boucher are joined in the practice by Mohs surgeon Gregory B. Persichetti, D.O., a skin cancer and reconstructive surgeon, as well as a board-certified dermatologist, along with a nurse practitioner, a team of certified physician assistants and two medical aestheticians. Dr. Persichetti works in the office two days per week, performing skin-cancer removal, along with more involved excisions in the on-site surgical suite designed specifically for complex surgeries. An on-site laboratory means patients can have a procedure performed in one day—less than half a day, usually—because the lab can test the tissue while the patient waits to ensure that the cancer has been completely and safely removed.

Brinton Lake Dermatology once had two locations—in Springfield and West Grove—but in December 2011 the offices merged into the state-of-the-art facility in Glen Mills. Centralizing offices gave the doctors an opportunity to create a dermatology center ideal for serving patients in the best way possible.

“We were able to be part of the design process from the very first step, so we could design the office how we felt patients would be most comfortable,” says Dr. Boucher. “We now have separate waiting rooms for the medical, surgical and cosmetic practices, so there’s a built-in privacy factor. On the cosmetic side, it’s far less anxiety provoking for people who may be coming out of cosmetic procedure because it’s not a big medical waiting room; it’s more like a spa.”

The cosmetic-dermatology area offers soothing music, candles and other touches designed to make patients feel comfortable. Here the practice offers a number of different types of anti-aging procedures: chemical peels and corrective facials for “turning back the clock”; Botox, Dysport and Xeomin injections to eliminate wrinkles by relaxing the facial muscles; dermal fillers such as Belotero, Perlane and Restylane for removing folds and wrinkles; sclerotherapy to address unsightly spider and varicose veins; and laser/light skin rejuvenation to remove freckles, sunspots and sun damage while tightening the skin. Also, the doctors are currently evaluating the technologies available to find the best minimally invasive body-contouring system.

“What I enjoy most is when someone comes in with realistic expectations—a mother who wants to look good for her daughter’s wedding, for example—and what we can do for them with no downtime or recovery time,” says Dr. Hostetler, who did her dermatology residency at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, where she served as chief resident. For all cosmetic candidates, the doctors offer a consultative approach.

“When someone comes in, I will hand them a mirror and ask what’s on their mind, and they might talk about things they might want to change,” says Dr. Boucher, who earned her M.D. from Hahnemann University School of Medicine and did her dermatology residency at UMDMJ/Robert Wood Johnson in Camden, N.J., where she served as chief resident. “I will discuss all the options available, even if it’s something I can’t offer, because I want them to know all their choices so they can make the best decision.”

Cosmetic dermatology has evolved considerably over the past 10 years, especially as it relates to laser treatments. The technologies now are not only more forgiving but also more effective. Although women are the primary audience for cosmetic procedures, an increasing number of men—especially those ages 45 to 60, competing against younger counterparts for jobs as well as mates—are going the cosmetic route. Regardless of gender, cosmetic candidates are often motivated to rejuvenate their appearance in the aftermath of a divorce, a new job or some other life-changing event.

Brinton Lake Dermatology accepts most major insurances, as well as all major credit cards. In addition, the practice offers a financing plan through CareCredit for patients who want to finance cosmetic procedures. It also offers rewards plans, monthly specials and other incentives to thank patients for their loyalty.

“We continually hear that our caring environment and the thoroughness with which we do exams are what set us apart,” says Dr. Boucher. “I will do a skin cancer screening and someone will tell me, ‘No one has ever looked at my skin in such a thorough way.’ It’s a great reassurance, because there is nothing left unattended. We customize the treatment plan for each patient, and they never feel rushed through.”

Most of Brinton Lake Dermatology’s patients are based in Chester and Delaware counties, though some are from the Poconos and Jersey Shore, as well as other points farther afield. Even more impressively, given the practice’s longevity and exceptional reputation, it has come to serve multiple generations from the same family.

“We might have a grandmother and mother here for back-to-back appointments, while one of the kids is here getting wart treatment,” says Dr. Boucher. “No matter what they’re having done, our goal is to establish a close relationship with them. Because of that, we’ve gotten to know people very well, and they’ve gotten to know us, too.”

Brinton Lake Dermatology
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Photograph by Rob Hall