Time Sensitive
The doctors of Briglia Dental Group spend time getting to know their patients and treating each individual with a gentle touch
by Sharon A. Shaw

Yes, Briglia Dental Group has a long list of credentials, years of experience and an office full of the most modern technology, but Briglia Dental Group provides more than just quality of care; there’s a genuine focus on expert patient service. In fact, Ron Briglia, D.M.D., prides his practice on its ability to offer patients the latest techniques in dentistry, but also where each patient is treated with attention to quality, comfort and convenience.

Office manager Karen Powell schedules initial appointments to allow all the time necessary for each patient to be able to meet with the doctor and staff in an unhurried manner. Patients have the opportunity to fill out their paperwork and submit it to the office ahead of time so that the time spent in Briglia Dental Group’s warm, spa-like office is focused purely on their care. After speaking with Karen and the dental assistant, patients sit down with Dr. Briglia for their consultation and care.

Dr. Briglia prefers to get to know each patient before the dental examination begins. In this way, he says it is like he is treating friends, not strangers. Karen says, “He prefers to get a feel for the patient. … He is personally warm and caring.” Treatment is reviewed in a private setting where the doctor can explain his recommendations and rationale to patients and then present options for their care. Patients are then allowed to decide how they would like to proceed with their treatment. Comprehensive or advanced dental care can be phased out over months or even years to allow patients to have top-quality care in an affordable manner.

As a child, Dr. Briglia’s own dentist did not use anesthetic during fillings, which led to traumatic experiences. These experiences, however, enable him to sympathize—very personally—with patients who are apprehensive. He knows firsthand what these fearful and phobic patients are going through and, in a nonjudgmental manner, extends them every courtesy available. “Being able to relate to patients who have had bad past experiences gives me insight into patients who come to us for that type of care,” he says.

“We try to put patients at ease,” he continues. “At the first meeting we review their past, concerns, dental care and previous work. Especially if they are apprehensive, it allows us to understand how best to help, based on where they came from. We take patients from where they are and move in a positive direction.”

Dr. Briglia’s practice is adept at providing anesthesia in a pain-free manner. “All a patient needs to do is raise a hand if they have a concern,” says Dr. Briglia. The practice offers nitrous, oral and intravenous sedation, as well as the NuCalm system, which brings the body to the first stage of sleep where the patient remains for the duration of treatment. Only a handful of dentists in the area are certified to offer IV sedation, because of the additional time and expense involved in becoming credentialed.

“Our family practice cares for patients from ages 2 to 92,” Dr. Briglia says. “We have a blend of services.” As the practice has grown to a facility with multiple dentists, Dr. Briglia recently changed the name of his business to better reflect the increasing number of specialty services it offers. Briglia Dental Group also now provides the services of board-certified periodontal specialist John Nikas, D.M.D., and Glenn F. Schreiber, D.M.D., practicing endodontics/root canal therapy. “Between our three doctors we have more than 87 years of combined experience in restorative, implant, periodontal and family dentistry,” Dr. Briglia says.

For patients concerned about the cost of care, Briglia Dental Group offers an oral health savings plan. A one-year membership is $279 for the first patient, $179 for any other immediate family members and $69 for any child under the age of 12. This oral health savings plan is designed for patients who do not have dental insurance. It includes two regular cleanings, exams, any necessary X-rays, fluoride and 10 percent off any needed dental work or surgeries that can be provided in the office.

“If a patient needs smile improvement, periodontics, bone augmentation or a root canal, they do not have to be referred out,” Dr. Briglia explains. “Since I am able to provide sedation, many of these procedures can be done with sedation. If implants, surgery or root canals are required, we can provide that, too.” Dr. Briglia wants to continue to add providers to his practice to serve patients’ needs, as well as to provide more convenient morning, evening and weekend hours.  

“I think this is the model for dental care in the future,” says Dr. Nikas, a diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology. “It is convenient for the patient. They do not need three business cards on the fridge for their appointments; they do not have to travel all around town to have their care done. Having all services in one practice improves communications, and streamlines care and efficiency. It is a joint effort between all of our doctors.”

Another advantage to a multiservice group practice is the collaboration that can take place among the doctors. “Being able to have specialists in my practice to review a diagnosis and treatment plan is helpful,” Dr. Briglia says. “It allows us to offer the best treatment plan through a collaborative effort. “  Technology allows the doctors to remain in contact, even as Drs. Schreiber and Nikas attend to other practices throughout the region.

“For patients that have particular worries, concerns or have had bad experiences, Dr. Briglia can undo that,” Dr. Schreiber says. “The whole model is ‘how can we get you to change how you feel about dentistry?’ They allow extra time, and that is very different from other practices.

“What I do is bring a very high level of expertise and experience in providing root canal treatment,” he continues. “I provide very patient-oriented care. When people come in for a root canal, they are scared, and they have heard misinformation. I take the time to explain the procedure. Patients know they will be in control and comfortable. I bring enough experience for them to expect a high level of quality and care, both during and after.”

Dr. Briglia is also joined by his wife, Lisa, who has been an integral member of the practice for 26 years. She has a master’s degree in health care administration and an MBA. “Her background and education help enhance the patient’s overall experience in our practice.” His son, Michael, currently a biology major in his junior year at the University of Pittsburgh, has been assisting in the dental practice since the ninth grade. He hopes to go to dental school and join his parents in the practice someday.

“Next year I will have been in practice 30 years,” Dr. Briglia says. “When I opened this practice, I decided to treat my patients the way I want to be treated—like family. We decided years ago that we wanted to attract quality patients who want their work done right the first time.”

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Photography by Jody Robinson