On Your Side
The attorneys of Repko Williams LLC have the skill and expertise to help clients dealing with divorce and the issues that accompany it
by Michelle Garling

Marriage is a sacred trust. It starts as a celebration for the union of two people, in love and hopeful for their future together. A new life is built and families are grown. But sometimes that new life comes to an end. People separate, kind words are replaced by arguing, love is replaced with feelings of betrayal and the life that was built begins to come crumbling down.  And when that happens, Robert Repko, Esq., of Repko Williams LLC, is there to help “pick up the pieces.”

As head of the firm’s team of family law attorneys, Repko understands how difficult and challenging divorce can be. Whether it is addressing custody or support, the maintenance of benefits or the equitable distribution of the marital estate, he knows that, unlike other types of cases, divorces generally affect every aspect of a person’s life. Life for people getting divorced becomes uncertain. It involves strong emotions, fears and concerns about both the present and the future. People getting divorced need answers and, when they do, the attorneys at Repko Williams LLC are there to deal with their client’s questions, fight for the results their clients deserve and help them through what is often the most difficult time of their lives.  

“Divorce is an incredibly difficult experience for everyone going through it,” says Repko. “Regardless of whether it is a client who seeks a divorce or a client who has had it thrust upon them, everyone faces uncertainty about the process and their future. This is especially true because divorce often involves so many issues beyond just the end of a marriage, issues such as custody, support, alimony, the divorce itself and the division of the parties’ marital estate.  Sometimes it even involves domestic violence and abuse. As a result, people have questions like, 'Where will I live?' 'What will happen to the kids?' 'What will happen to me?' or simply 'What should I do next?' and, when they do, we know our first job is to give them answers and educate them about the process, with compassion and honesty.”  

The attorneys at Repko Williams LLC also know that each case is different, with unique facts, circumstances, personalities and objectives. According to Repko, “When clients come to our office, we immediately begin to assess their situation, discuss their goals and work with them ‘hand in hand’ to make sure they understand their options. We then create a strategy that is tailored to achieving their individual objectives. We want them to make the choices that are best for them, and not just for the present moment. It’s simply not enough to give someone advice on how to solve a current problem without looking at how their potential decisions may affect them, and their case, in the future. So regardless of the issue, we analyze every situation to see how it may impact each client’s life, and their case as a whole.

“We also know that a divorce lawyer needs to be more to their clients,” he continues. “We have to be someone that clients can feel comfortable with and trust. We need to be there to help them through such a difficult time, especially since divorce has such an immediate and profound impact on so many areas of a person’s life. As a result, our firm has made it a point to treat clients differently than other law firms. We treat people the way we would want to be treated if we were in their situation and that means we look at them as partners in a relationship, and not just as ‘customers.’ We want them to understand what is happening in their lives and in the courtroom, and that we will be fighting for them and educating them every step of the way.”  

At Repko Williams LLC, attorneys such as Robert Repko have spent their careers helping people get the results they deserve with compassion and diligence. As trusted counselors, they consistently exceed clients’ expectations with responsiveness, performance and professionalism. Whether it is through aggressive advocacy or negotiation, trial or settlement, Repko Williams LLC is experienced in dealing with divorce and the issues that often accompany it. So if you or someone you know is facing a divorce, contact Repko Williams LLC so they can help.    

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