A New Outlook
From its new office, Comprehensive Family Dentistry provides all members of the family with the care they need for a better smile
by Sharon A. Shaw

It’s amazing how something new—a haircut, an outfit, a piece of furniture—can brighten one’s outlook on life. So it is easy to see how the new office of Comprehensive Family Dentistry in Newtown has improved the life of its dentist, Mark A. Weglos, D.M.D., as well as the lives of his patients.

Dr. Weglos opened his practice in 1996, after purchasing an existing office from a retiring dentist. He was able to build up his clientele in the following years until, in 2010, it had outgrown the 800-square-foot space and he began to search for a new location. Today Comprehensive Family Dentistry occupies a newly constructed building on Newtown-Yardley Road that Dr. Weglos describes as “like living in a dream.”

“It offers all the amenities we need; it has more space and a homey feel,” he says. “We tried to incorporate nice furnishings and oak floors so it is more like going into someone’s house. That helps to take away some of the fear and apprehension people feel about going to the dentist. It doesn’t look like a dentist’s office.” The new location has also allowed Dr. Weglos to expand his practice. The office features four chairs and four operatories. “Everything is brand new—the chairs, cabinetry, we have gone paperless now and were also able purchase a 3-D imaging unit to assist us with the placement of dental implants.” These technologically advanced pieces of equipment, such as digital radiography and intraoral cameras, help the dentist to better diagnose a patient’s condition and educate them on the best form of treatment.  

The practice offers a full range of services, including basic cleanings, pediatric and geriatric dentistry, Invisalign, dentures, fillings, restoration, dental surgery, cosmetic dentistry and implant placement. One of its most revolutionary treatments is “Teeth in a Day.” Using this method of treatment, patients can receive multiple procedures in one day to repair their smile. “Patients coming in with diseased teeth and gums, poor spacing or whose smile is not beautiful can have it transformed,” Dr. Weglos says. “In four to six hours they are walking out with their final prosthesis.”

In one recent case he performed a combination of extractions and implants for a woman who had been a patient for nearly five years but who had not yet been ready to address her cosmetic issues. “She was able to come in one morning and leave later that day with a transformed smile, just in time for her daughter’s wedding,” he says.

Many adults delay such care because they struggle with a fear of the dentist, but Dr. Weglos assures such patients that there is no need to be afraid—or embarrassed—to receive care. “We don’t judge anybody; we are just happy they come in and we listen to their concerns. We are not here to tell them what they have to do; we simply perform the diagnostic examinations and report our findings. We are not forcing them into anything.” Except, he says, if they are dealing with an infection, in which case, “We might have to get more stern.”

“We still have some patients who come in for emergencies only,” he continues. “Then we won’t see them again for years, but the door is always open. We know how life is.” As the only dentist in his practice, Dr. Weglos performs all of the procedures himself so he can build trust with his patients. “They come to know how I operate,” he says. Specialty needs such as the removal of wisdom teeth and advanced periodontal needs may be referred out; otherwise all other services for all members of the family can be provided under one roof. “A lot of people like coming here because we are family friendly,” he says.

In addition to Dr. Weglos, the practice has one full- and one part-time hygienist, two assistants and an office manager. “We are a real family practice,” says office manager Patty Tossona. “Our patients love us and we love them. It’s not like a traditional dental office experience.” She says Comprehensive Family Dentistry provides patients with an “old school” relationship, reminiscent of a time when a doctor knew each patient and their family. “It is not a production line,” she says. Her favorite part of working at the practice is the feeling of community that exists among patients chatting in the waiting room. Most of the patients live within several miles of the practice and have been referred to Dr. Weglos by a friend or family member. Tossona is also enjoying the new and improved location. “Since we have new office, it is so cozy,” she says. “We have sofas and chairs and the whole office is done in beautiful warm colors. It feels like we are in an open house.”

Not only are the patients of Comprehensive Family Dentistry treated like family, but dentistry is a family business for Dr. Weglos. His wife works at the Main Line practice owned by her brother. “We are able to talk about the challenges of what we have faced and ask how the other has handled something,” he says. “There is a sense of camaraderie.” He and his wife are parents of two active children and enjoy fishing, hunting and sports, as well as the many fine meals he cooks at home.

Dr. Weglos graduated from the Culinary Institute of America and worked as a professional chef for several years before entering the field of dentistry. “[Cooking] was a tough profession; I was losing steam and wanted to do something else,” he says. “When I was a young boy I had wanted to be a doctor so someone suggested I try dentistry. I got a job as an assistant and enjoyed it.” He earned his D.M.D. at the Temple University Kornberg School of Dentistry and served his residency at Albert Einstein Medical Center. He remains affiliated with the center, as a teacher. “It keeps me stimulated,” he says. “The students ask great questions and keep me driven to stay up on what is new, as well as the fundamentals. Teaching helps me stay grounded and be sharp in all aspects.”

While teaching is an important part of his practice, Dr. Weglos says he most enjoys changing the lives of his patients. “I get great satisfaction from helping people who come in distressed, in pain or full of fear develop into patients,” he says. Being able to grant patients a new smile—and even a new outlook on life—is certainly the best outcome Dr. Weglos could have hoped to receive from the investment in his new office.

Comprehensive Family Dentistry
759 Newtown-Yardley Road
Newtown, PA 18940

Photograph by Rob Hall