Deeply Rooted
At Chaddsford Dental Associates, Dr. Andrew Pratt and his team give patients many reasons to smile again
by Glori Gayster

People don’t always associate “changing lives” with visiting the dentist, yet patients who know Andrew Pratt, D.M.D., and the staff at Chaddsford Dental Associates … well, they tell a different story. From cosmetic and restorative dental care to innovative techniques to help patients sleep more soundly, Dr. Pratt has built his practice on a philosophy of care rooted in a passionate commitment to staying abreast of the newest, most sophisticated technologies in order to treat patients quickly and effectively.

Chaddsford Dental Associates provides a wide range of dental services with an emphasis on total preventative care. This begins with regular hygiene visits, routine checkups and continued oral health at home. In addition, Dr. Pratt offers high-quality services for restoring mouths that have been damaged by dental disease and injury plus common problems that require cosmetic dentistry. He is also skilled in endodontic care, including root canals, as well as dental implants and sleep apnea treatment.

“We can typically provide every type of dental service without having to referring you to other specialists,” says Dr. Pratt. “This flexibility saves patients time and keeps their total dental care within one practice. In doing so, we are well versed in one’s treatment history and in a position to provide optimum oral health.” Now patients can finally get restful sleep, avoid multiple office visits or achieve the smile of their dreams with great function. “My life and practice are built around these principles,” he adds. “It is my passion.”

When ‘No’ is a Good Thing
Over the past decade, cosmetic dentistry has evolved greatly, with advanced technology, improved material, streamlined treatment plans. But, as Dr. Pratt points out, restorative care not only improves aesthetics but can also achieve facial balance and improve bite function.

One way Pratt and the staff at Chaddsford Dental Associates change lives is offering same day restorative dentistry using the latest CEREC technology to economically restore damaged teeth with a crown in one single appointment. Says Dr. Pratt: “No second trip to my office; no second visit numbing shot; no second uncovering of the prepared tooth structure.” In addition, by eliminating a second visit, there is reduced trauma to the tooth from additional exposure, cleaning and irritation.

Patients often think their teeth can simply be “filled” when in fact the use of a composite resin filling material may be detrimental over the long term. “Typically, crowns are recommended if the existing filling, decay or fracture constitutes over 50 percent of the tooth’s surface,” Dr. Pratt explains. “Once this amount is removed, replacing it with composite resin filling material would lead to rapid failure of the restoration and such complications as pain, fracture, abscess and possible loss of teeth.”

The CEREC process does more than save time for patients; it also enables Dr. Pratt to preserve more of the healthy tooth. After determining this is the most effective treatment plan, the old filling and decay is thoroughly removed. Computer analysis is used to create a customized restoration using high-quality, tooth-colored ceramic for the most natural-looking result. The biocompatible, plaque-resistant, metal-free material is milled in the office while the patient relaxes with a magazine, music or video then it’s bonded to the tooth. From start to finish, the entire session can take only one to two hours. Dr. Pratt adds, “Patients are thrilled with the end result and even happier to learn they don’t need to return.”

Changing smiles also can be done with a variety of other techniques offered by Chaddsford Dental Associates, including such popular options as Invisalign teeth straightening, ZOOM! tooth whitening and Lumineers porcelain veneers. According to Dr. Pratt, the Invisalign System combines advanced 3-D computer graphics technology with 100-year-old science of orthodontics. Patients are treated with a series of clear, customized, removable aligners to move teeth precisely into the desired position.

While Invisalign is a subtle change over time, ZOOM! is an in-office whitening system that offers instant results in a little longer than an hour. Dr. Pratt uses a specially designed light and whitening gel to reverse years of discoloration caused by food and beverages, childhood medications, tobacco or improper oral hygiene.

But tooth damage can come in any number of varieties; stains and chips are just a few. Lumineers offer a painless, permanent cosmetic solution to make everyone’s smile more beautiful with porcelain veneers that are often as thin as a contact lens. Placed over existing teeth without drilling or removal of painful tooth structure, Lumineers are known for their longevity.

“Beautiful natural smiles are as unique as each patient, and I take pride in treating every case in that way,” Dr. Pratt explains.
Wake Up Smiling
In practicing dentistry, Dr. Pratt recognized that he was often on the front line in recognizing when a patient suffers from obstructive sleep apnea, a potentially dangerous condition caused by airflow disruptions that prevents a person from breathing periodically throughout the night.

As Dr. Pratt explains, snoring may be the most tangible of symptoms, but it is only one of any number of conditions that can result. “Many sleep apnea patients experience a grinding of their teeth, tiredness or fatigue, frequent sleep disruptions, morning headaches, changes in mood or behavior, memory loss, and choking or gasping for air in the middle of the night.”

Dr. Pratt can detect the symptoms before they turn into serious consequences, and he has undergone specialized training in prescribing treatment for sleep apnea, including the “go to” device known as CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure), as well as the well-respected alternative known as oral appliance therapy.

According to Dr. Pratt, statistics show that there is only a 30 to 40 percent compliance rate with CPAP due to discomfort, noise or other reasons. “Our advanced equipment enables us to accurately measure and determine if a patient would be successful with oral appliance therapy treatment before any money is spent on the sleep apnea oral appliance,” he says. He goes on to say nine out of 10 treated patients share stories of feeling happier, more energetic and full of life after treatment.

Making a Difference
Voted one of the Main Line’s top dentists, Dr. Pratt offers an experience in which patients actually look forward to routine dental hygiene and specialty visits. From thorough cleanings and care to root canals, dental implants and aesthetic and cosmetic treatment planning, Dr. Pratt takes a truly personal interest in his patients. His “one practice” approach to care ensures the best possible service. “Patients are comfortable because we know them and they know us,” he says. “When they enter, they are met with familiar faces.”

Dr. Pratt’s commitment to patient care is deeply seated in his background and education. After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine, he acquired an advanced degree in general dentistry at Langley Air Force Base in Virginia. To complement his work with cosmetic and restorative dentistry, he has extensive training in implant placement, endodontics, intravenous sedation and oral surgery, using the latest technology in dentistry.

“We recognize that each case is unique and customize treatment plans to ensure we are meeting all of our patients’ and their families’ needs,” Dr. Pratt shares. “At Chaddsford Dental Associates, we give people a reason to smile again.”

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Photograph by Rob Hall