Specialties that Set Advisors Apart
With experience in various financial specialties, the advisors at Harvest Group Financial Services Corp. help clients lay the foundation for a secure financial futureSpecialties that Set Advisors Apart
by Jenny Graham

For 20 years the financial advisors of Harvest Group Financial Services Corp. have been utilizing their in-depth knowledge in areas such as investments, asset protection, legacy planning and small-business solutions to secure their clients’ financial futures. Under the leadership of president and founder Rosemary G. Caligiuri, who founded the firm in 1993 after a career as a registered nurse, the company’s success continues to grow exponentially with the support of highly qualified professionals such as John Lindsey and Loretta Hutchinson.

Lindsey, a financial advisor, brings years of unique experience to Harvest Group. After earning a bachelor’s degree in economics from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Lindsey spent more than 12 years working for some of the top money managers in the country. His position took him to locales across the United States, from Pennsylvania to California, advising professionals on the economy and best practices for their respective businesses. In fact, it was through work for this prior position that he first met Caligiuri, who was so impressed with his qualifications that she asked him to join her team of financial advisors at Harvest Group.

“I had opportunities with other advisors and I always turned them down,” he says, noting that it was Caligiuri’s business philosophy and unique approach to finance that drew him in. “Since I have over 20 years of experience, and as it was really as an outsider—I trained financial advisors, I educated them, I met with many advisors—I can say that the Harvest Group is really different than most groups out there.”

Harvest Group’s one-of-a-kind philosophy is rooted in investments used to build foundations for clients that may not be as susceptible to the ups and downs of the market as are riskier, more volatile investments. “I just love economics and it drove me to this side of the business,” Lindsey says. “I’ve always been interested in finance … and I like helping people.”

Lindsey says he also appreciates Harvest Group’s independence, meaning the company’s advisors are never pressured to recommend one type of investment over another, as is the case with some competing financial-planning firms. “We have a whole universe of investments out there to choose from. … That freedom allows us to work with the clients to establish needs, concerns … [and to] educate them as to what options are available to them, what options aren’t, and why.”

Lindsey adds, “We’re not just financial planners—we take an active role in our clients’ lives.”

Caligiuri’s eye for talent has proven to be accurate. Since Lindsey took the job more than two years ago, he has grown to become one of the firm’s top retirement financial advisors. His extensive list of credentials includes ChFC (Chartered Financial Consultant) and RICP (Retirement Income Certified Professional) certifications from The American College, as well as FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) series 7 and 63 designations.

“[A person] might have Social Security, but it’s covering less and less of their daily affairs,” he says. “One of the ways we work with clients is helping them with ‘when and how’ to choose Social Security benefits. There are different ways we can help a client maximize their Social Security benefits.” He cites one recent success story wherein he helped a client increase her cumulative benefits over the course of 10 years.

In addition to concern over receiving the proper amount of Social Security benefits, Lindsey says he encounters many clients who are concerned about their children’s inheritance and futures. “I tell people, ‘The only thing constant right now is change,’” he says. “It’s really important to have a plan in place. That’s the best advice I can give anyone.”

Loretta Hutchinson,  a wealth manager and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst who specializes in areas including retirement income planning, divorce financial planning and business transitions, offers similar advice to her clients. She adds that most personal and professional transitions are financial transitions as well. It is important to be proactive in one’s financial planning, whether it is moving into retirement, selling a business or divorcing. Addressing the financial issues before you retire or sign on the dotted line can make for a smoother transition and set you up for a secure financial future. “Whether it be looking at the tax implications of particular financial decisions or portfolio asset allocations, it is important to make conscious, educated decisions. I am my client’s advocate and partner in that process.”

Through Financial Divorce Plan LLC, a division of Harvest Group Financial Services, Hutchinson counsels individuals going through separation and divorce regarding what this transition can mean to them from a financial perspective. “I’m not an attorney; I do not give legal advice, but I do educate clients about what to expect from the divorce process financially. Together we create a plan that addresses the immediate financial issues, as well as the long term financial plan as a single adult. More and more individuals are seeking my services before meeting with an attorney so they are more prepared and educated about the financial issues.

Hutchinson’s impressive qualifications include a degree in accounting from the University of Scranton and a master’s degree in counseling from The College of New Jersey, both of which she utilizes fully in her work with Harvest Group. She has been named Philadelphia magazine’s Five Star Wealth Manager for the past two years and was also recently awarded the 2013 Woman’s Choice Award for Financial Advisors from Women Certified. Hutchinson is a monthly columnist and writes financial articles for the Advance of Bucks County and several other regional publications, as well as on divorce-planning topics in Divorce Magazine and Family Lawyer Magazine.

“Business transitions, like retirement and divorce, can be highly emotional as well as financial,” she says. “I have experienced this both professionally and personally. My family owns several businesses; we’ve bought, sold, merged many companies … and for the most part, they’re family companies. That’s given me immense insight into not only the practical financial issues of business transitions but the personal as well.”

In addition to working closely with her clients at Harvest Group, Hutchinson shares her financial knowledge and expertise at speaking engagements across the country. Also, like Lindsey, she contributes a regular voice to Harvest Group’s half-hour weekly radio show, “Financial Issues and Answers,” which airs on Tuesday mornings at 9:30 a.m. on 1490 WBCB. It can also be found on Harvest Group’s website harvestgroupfinancialservices.com.

“When individuals or couples come to us, we don’t hand them a one-size-fits-all financial plan,” she says. “We work together to craft a plan that makes sense for them now and continue to review and refine that plan as the world at large or life transitions change their  financial direction.

“The only thing that is certain is that life situations do change,” Hutchinson continues. “We address that with certainty.”

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