Opening Doors
At orthodontist Dr. Sam Kadan’s newly opened Doylestown office, patients looking to perfect their smile discover a fun, interactive and welcoming experience
by Bill Donahue

A nice smile warms hearts and opens doors, as the old saying goes. For 13 years, residents of Chalfont have sought out one person—Sam Kadan, D.M.D.—to receive the highest standard of care in pursuit of a perfect smile. With the opening of Dr. Kadan’s spacious and modern facility in Doylestown’s Hyde Park, residents living in the heart of Bucks County now have the same luxury.  

“We live in Doylestown, and our kids go to school in Doylestown, so it made a lot of sense for us to work in Doylestown as well,” says Dr. Kadan, whose practice also sponsors several Doylestown-based youth sports teams and athletic events. “It’s Americana, with a lot of culture, and we love the downtown area. It’s a vibrant and down-to-earth community with a Victorian feel, and it is home for us.”

Dr. Kadan offers a variety of orthodontic options to suit patients’ needs. Treatment options include traditional metal braces, Clarity translucent braces and lingual braces, which are fitted to the tongue side of the teeth for people who are concerned about the aesthetic nature of traditional braces. Dr. Kadan also offers Invisalign for teens and adults. In fact, he is a Premier Provider of Invisalign, meaning he has achieved a significant level of experience—“hundreds of cases,” he says—in treating patients using the system.

The 2,800-square-foot Doylestown office has two consulting rooms and five operatories. For child-age patients, Dr. Kadan endorses what he calls “a team approach,” meaning parents are welcome to be in the room while their children receive treatment. “I spend a lot of time with each patient, and we like parents to be present in the treatment area so we can educate the patient as well as the parent,” he says. “This way everyone understands where we are in the stage of treatment. It’s something that is very unique to our practice.”

Dr. Kadan and his team have worked hard to make the experience as enjoyable and interactive as possible, especially for younger patients. This includes the “Wooden Nickel Program,” through which patients receive tokens for participating in their orthodontic health—maintaining good oral hygiene, keeping their braces or orthodontic appliance intact and wearing a Dr. Kadan T-shirt to an office visit, for example—which they can later redeem for movie tickets and gift cards. Patients can also earn bonus rewards by participating in other special promotions, such as wearing a costume to appointments on Halloween or donning Eagles colors during football season.

“We try to make it so kids have a good time here, and the token program is something we do to engage the kids who come here for treatment,” he says. “We also have three iPad stations mounted on the wall in the Doylestown office, and each one is loaded with 75 games; some of them are educational and some of them are just a lot of fun.”

Dr. Kadan has worked hard to earn his reputation as one of the region’s most accomplished orthodontists. He honed from his skills at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, where he received his D.M.D. degree, followed by orthodontic specialty training at the University of Rochester’s Eastman Dental Center. In his quest to provide the best possible treatment, he furthered his education by becoming a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics. The time and effort he put into becoming a board-certified orthodontist—making significant achievements in his field beyond the mandatory educational requirements—characterizes his devotion to the profession and his passion for providing the highest standard of care.

“I enjoyed the process very much, and it changed the way I practice orthodontics,” he says. “I’ve always had high standards when it comes to the finished results, because I’ve always wanted to give patients a great smile, but now I treat every case as if it will be scrutinized by a panel of board members. Everything about it has to be perfect.”

Dr. Kadan’s interest in health care took root at an early age, having grown up watching his father, who was a cardiologist, treat patients in his office. “I got to learn and appreciate the patient-care aspects and interaction of his practice,” he says. “Dentistry in general was a natural fit for me—orthodontics in particular. It’s a great profession, and you don’t devote yourself to something that you don’t truly enjoy.  

“The most gratifying part is having the ability to give someone a great smile,” he continues. “I like being able to look at someone and being able to see what works best to improve their general appearance and, in some cases, change their face entirely. With kids, you can truly change their path. By using technology, you can influence their jaw structure while they are still growing and avoid them having to undergo jaw surgery. That is why the American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children be evaluated by an orthodontist by age 7.”

The Doylestown and Chalfont offices both boast digital X-rays for superior imaging, as well as digital scanners to eliminate the need for traditional impression molds, which tend to have a gag-inducing effect on patients. Dr. Kadan stays abreast of the latest advances in technology through his work with the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine’s Department of Orthodontics, where he serves as a clinical associate faculty member. Teaching the school’s most promising graduate students has been “a wonderful intellectual experience,” he says, as he treasures the opportunity to influence the next generation of orthodontists.

Feedback on Dr. Kadan’s website suggests all of his efforts have paid off where it matters most: satisfied patients. “Our experience at Dr. Kadan’s office has been wonderful,” writes patient Cheri C. “From my daughter’s first visit a few years ago until the last, Dr. Kadan and his staff were professional and attentive. I highly recommend his office to anyone, as we now continue [treatment] ourselves with my other daughter.”

With the practice’s expansion to Doylestown and continued growth on the horizon, such glowing recommendations are likely to multiply.

Sam Kadan, D.M.D.

1500 Horizon Drive, Suite 107
Chalfont, PA 18914

402 Hyde Park
Doylestown, PA 18902

Photography by Rob Hall