Ordinary to Extraordinary
KS Pools and KS Greenday help make your backyard dreams a reality
by Amanda Hamm Hengel

Think back to the last time you looked out the window of your home and into your backyard. Was it everything you’d hoped for, or were visions of bigger and better dancing in your head? Were you hoping that perhaps, instead of the lawn chairs haphazardly scattered around the fire pit, you’d see a luxurious pool or spa and elaborate patio beckoning to you from behind the pane of glass? If you were, KS Pools, and its sister company KS Greenday, is here to help, and they believe there’s no better time than the present to stop daydreaming and finally make your backyard the oasis you’ve always wanted it to be.

Making Dreams a Reality
When asked what the favorite part of his job is, Eric Konyves, owner of the KS companies, admits it is working with his customers. As a design and build group specializing in creative outdoor living, there are many exciting projects Konyves has worked on with KS, but he says nothing compares to being able to sit down with a customer and figuring out how to turn an average backyard into one to be coveted. “I really enjoy seeing what we can do for our customers,” he says. “I love seeing the finished product we can provide and making people’s dreams come true.”

While the customer’s requests are always taken into account, Konyves says he also enjoys when KS can take a project the homeowner has presented and elevate it to a level the homeowner never imagined. “We love being able to give them ideas they didn’t have when they initially started their backyard project,” he says. “We love when we can take their ideas and make them even better.”

The best part about KS is that there are never any surprises when it comes to any project. They let you know what can be expected up front in terms of design and cost, and if there is a problem with anything, rest assured KS will take the time to correct it. “We have a conference room with a large screen so [homeowners] can see their project better,” Konyves says. “We can make design changes on the fly there.

It’s a great way to try and save time. We know everyone is busy.” Because they take the time to go over different options and alternatives, no project is ever alike with KS, which means customers can guarantee their project will be truly unique to their home, and that the project will be the perfect fit for their backyard.

Along with pools, the two projects Konyves says KS has been receiving the most requests for lately are cabanas and outdoor kitchens. He says roughly 80 percent of the projects the company has been working on involve one or the other, or both, and they really add an element of convenience to a backyard that homeowners don’t realize they were missing until they have it. “Once we get the design to the customer and show them what their backyard will look like with a cabana or kitchen, they really like the way it looks,” he says. “It adds a nicer outdoor living space than just a pool with an outdoor deck around it.”

The Company that Does it All
Despite how much a homeowner may want a new and improved backyard, sometimes the project gets delayed because the thought of having to coordinate all of the work becomes a headache. Between finding the different contractors who can design the pool, patio and landscaping individually to actually figuring out exactly what will fit where, the homeowner is generally tired of dealing with the project before it even gets started. With KS, homeowners don’t have to worry about coordinating all of the different contractors because they are the only contractor that is necessary. Specializing not only in pools but also pavilions, cabanas, pool houses, patios, pool decks, outdoor fireplaces, landscaping, fencing and lighting—basically anything you could ever want or need in your backyard—KS realizes that this convenience is important to their customers. “We’re the pool company that does the whole project,” Konyves says. “We do the pool, the cabanas, the masonry—everything.”

Additionally, either Konyves or Tom Schreiber, the head of design at KS, oversees all of the projects KS takes on, to be sure everything is done correctly and on time. “Every aspect of the job is done in-house,” Konyves says. “We have multiple project managers, but either Tom or I oversee every project. If there’s anything that happens during the project, we’re more than willing to work with the customer.”

Konyves has been helping homeowners improve their backyards for more than 20 years. He knows that deciding to take on a backyard project can be an intimidating task, but with KS, the process does not have to be. They will take you through the design phase step by step and, when it comes to finally bringing the project to life, they will be there to make sure you do truly get the backyard of your dreams.

KS Pools and KS Greenday
Langhorne, Pa.