Partner in the Process
By emphasizing direct communication, accessibility and compassion in her work, divorce attorney Susan Levy Eisenberg helps clients obtain the best possible outcomes
by Leigh Stuart

Attorney Eisenberg and her full staff of Susan Levy Eisenberg, P.C., in Newtown, believes that communicating with clients is their No. 1 priority and the key to their success in effectively advocating for clients.

“I believe in promptness,” says Eisenberg, a Huntingdon Valley native. “I’m very hands on, I include my clients in every aspect of their case. I like to let my clients know what’s going on in the process and keep them very informed. I take the lead but help them make informed decisions.”

Eisenberg has been in practice for 26 years and concentrates her practice exclusively in family law, a legal subset infamous for its high level of stress for clients. She represents clients in all aspects of divorce and abuse litigation, including custody, child support and alimony, property division and pre- and post-nuptial agreements.

“Lawyer hopping, in this area of law, is common,” says Eisenberg, who explains that the reason for this can often be traced back to poor communication between the prior attorney and client. “Family law is a very emotionally charged area of the law. This is why I am hands on and very nurturing with my clients; I try to be sensitive and compassionate to their emotions while giving them sound advice not based on pure emotions.”

Eisenberg says more than a few clients have sought her out as a replacement for a prior attorney who did not communicate well with the client. “A lot of times the lawyer has never even talked to them,” she says. “The client has received things that they can’t even identify, that were never explained to them.”

This only adds to the confusion a client feels when bombarded with the opinions and experiences of their divorced friends and family and the wealth of information on the Internet. Eisenberg sympathizes: “It gets confusing. It’s overwhelming, and there’s so much to process. I think for the most part, in the domestic divorce situation, people are so emotional and upset, they’re not really themselves. They’re not really focusing, so it’s important to make sure you repeat information, sometimes explain it multiple times, if necessary, and include them (and family members, if requested) in all conversations and correspondence.”

“Domestic work is not for everyone,” Eisenberg adds. “No matter how you look at it, you’re splitting time with kids, splitting money and dealing with very unhappy people all the time. It’s not for the faint of heart.”

Paraphrasing the wise words of a Pennsylvania judge, Eisenberg says, “In criminal court, one sees bad people on their best behavior. In family court, one sees good people on their worst behavior.” This statement not only reflects a great deal of truth, but it speaks to one of the most difficult aspects of family law. Eisenberg’s understanding of these wise words has helped her expeditiously navigate her clients through the process to get them back to focusing on being their best.

While she emphasizes the importance of patience and compassion in dealing with such cases, Eisenberg is quick to note that she is also a fierce advocate for clients. “I will tell a client exactly how it is,” she says. “I don’t sugar-coat. I am gentle, compassionate, but also truthful. … I know I have a great balance of what is needed to be a successful family lawyer.”

Eisenberg’s years of legal experience have given her not only a wide array of cases and experiences but also time to have formed a vast network of professionals she can call upon to assist with client matters. Eisenberg’s network includes lawyers specializing in all areas including personal injury, business law, real estate, tax law and more. She has also worked with a number of professionals in fields such as financial and stress management, real estate, therapy and psychology.

She also works closely with forensic accountants and financial planners. These financial experts help Eisenberg’s clients in complex cases such as those where a divorcing couple is ending their marriage but continuing on with, for example, a business partnership. In these instances, appropriate valuations of various aspects within the business are vital to an equitable division of assets.

Eisenberg, who earned her undergraduate degree at Drexel University in Philadelphia and her law degree from Delaware Law School (now Widener University School of Law) in Wilmington, Del., continually works to stay at the forefront of her field. To this end, she is an active member of a number of professional organizations, including the Pennsylvania Bar Association, the Montgomery County Bar Association, the Bucks County Bar Association and the Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Association. As a member of the Bucks County American Inn of Courts, Eisenberg works within a group of judges and lawyers who hold monthly meetings and organize continuing legal education classes for peers. Another mark of honor that attests to her status within the legal community is her admittance to try cases in front of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. Eisenberg also gives back by performing pro bono custody and Protection from Abuse work for Legal Aid.

Outside of the legal world, Eisenberg, a mother of two, is an avid fan of Philadelphia sports teams including the Eagles and Phillies. She names hockey as her favorite sport, as both of her sons, as well as her husband of 22 years, are hockey players. She is also a Flyers season ticketholder.

In the end, Eisenberg, with her many years of experience as a family law attorney and her practical experiences as a wife, mother and active member of the community, is here for her clients as their voice of reason and logic, and to give them sound, accessible and prudent legal advice in an understanding manner.

Susan Levy Eisenberg, Esq.
Susan Eisenberg Law Office
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Newtown, PA 18940

Photograph by Kim Billingsley