Not Your Father’s Law Firm
Attorneys Austin R. Freundlich and Gregory C. Littman are breaking the mold by taking a client-based, goal-oriented approach to solving people’s problems
by Jocelyn Murray

Whether building a home, planning a vacation or simply selecting a new phone plan, most individuals appreciate having options and being able to make the best decision for themselves. So when the unexpected happens and life doesn’t follow these carefully laid plans, it is important to be able to choose an individualized approach to finding a remedy.

Attorneys Austin R. Freundlich and Gregory C. Littman, two of the Philadelphia area’s premier civil litigators, believe that a personal approach to the law helps clients choose the solution that will offer them the greatest satisfaction.

The two rising-star attorneys met more than 15 years ago while growing up in Bryn Mawr and attending Harriton High School. After graduation they attended separate law schools in the Philadelphia area and ended up working for different large law firms. But the friends shared a common dissatisfaction with trends that they noticed in the legal field.

“We were having similar experiences at the bigger law firms and believed that a different approach to the law—an individualized approach—would provide clients with the services that they actually need,” Littman says. Freundlich agrees, adding “Essentially, we wanted to have more client interaction and we wanted to give our clients a more one-on-one experience throughout the whole litigation process.”

Two years ago they decided to make a bold move, combining their talents and passion to establish their own firm, Freundlich & Littman LLC. Part of the motivation for these two enthusiastic young men—both in their 30s—is helping individuals who are not well served by the larger law firms. “We receive clients who were literally referred to their father’s lawyer,” says Freundlich. “These clients have told us that these attorneys talk at them; they do not ask about their goals.”

Outside the Box
“These individuals often have an issue they are unsure of how to resolve,” Freundlich says. “They think it may be a legal issue, but it may not be. Rather than take a retainer and charge hourly, we think outside of the box and may direct them to other resources.”

“There are a lot of avenues outside the law that are available to our clients,” Littman adds. “We want to help them get the best results even if it means we do not represent them. It is a cost-effective and innovative approach to the law—to not charge for a service that might not fit their needs.  By taking this approach Littman and Freundlich are empowering citizens to stand up for themselves.

“It’s a nonconventional approach,” he continues. “We’re very client-orientated. We ask our clients what their goals are, and we structure our efforts accordingly. Litigation is not always the best avenue for a client’s needs.” Sometimes, he explains, the best outcome for the client is one that is cost effective and carries the lowest emotional toll.

Of course, once these two ambitious attorneys have established a client’s goal, there are no boundaries for the duo in terms of the amount of time and energy they spend to help achieve it. “We’re not just detail oriented; we’re oriented to the details that benefit our clients,” says Freundlich. “We also have a very aggressive approach. From the inception to the completion of the case, we are right there with the client, whether that means writing countless letters or arguing numerous motions in court. We are not strangers to the courtroom and we’ve been very successful there.”

After two years, the pair has already seen much success and satisfaction through their clients, including six-figure settlements for cases involving business law, breach of contract, home- and commercial-insurance claims, condominium litigation and personal injury.

One client had a house that was built by a group of contractors who basically took her money and ran, recalls Freundlich. “She was headed towards endless years of litigation," he says. "We were able to get her a quick and far larger than expected award and point her to other areas where she was able to get the compensation she deserved and ensure that her home was properly constructed, overseeing the contract drafting and the construction process.”

Another client had been ousted from her condominium in Rittenhouse Square for more than a year. The client’s condo was destroyed by a flood that left it uninhabitable. After hiring the team at Freundlich & Littman, the client was offered eight times the amount previously offered and was back in her newly renovated condo within three months.

“Unfortunately, we see a lot of cases where large corporations have taken advantage of individuals and small businesses with fewer resources, writing them off as having no power,” says Freundlich. “We are able to help small businesses and individuals who otherwise would not be able to exercise their rights and receive the compensation to which they are entitled, particularly when an insurance company is involved.”

Proven Results
While Freundlich & Littman offers every potential client an in-person consultation, the firm is selective in the cases it chooses to take on. With their constant dedication and attention to detail, the two attorneys consider every aspect of the case, whether it’s inside or outside the courtroom.

Although the litigation process can be exhausting for both client and attorney, Freundlich & Littman’s personal approach and candidness tend to bring the two parties closer together. “Conventional law practices do not make themselves available when the client truly needs them the most,” says Freundlich. “On numerous occasions, we have taken calls in the early hours of the morning.

“Typically, people aren’t aware exactly what’s involved in a case,” he continues. “For example, they are unaware of the substantial emotional toll or the type of expenses associated with litigation. We keep our clients informed, explaining every available option to them. We’re able to speak to them as people, not as a dollar sign.”

Whether it is during or after litigation is complete, if there is something a client needs—law related or not—the duo makes it a point to assist clients in getting whatever help they need, going above and beyond the attorney-client contract.

When a client hires us, they don’t just get one attorney; they get our entire team,” explains Littman. “We want our clients to go out and say, ‘These guys did a really good job for me.’

“If there is ever a question or any issue, we advise them to contact us and we will get them in touch with the right people, whether it’s a specialist or another attorney in a specific field,” he continues. “And we follow up with them, making sure they get the service they need, even if it’s not with us.”

Regardless of their clients’ needs or situations, Freundlich and Littman are doing their best to change people’s expectations by offering them options that their fathers’ lawyers do not.

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