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Top Attorneys
Seeing the ‘Big Picture’
Attorney Ann Funge of Funge Family Law, LLC approaches each case with honesty, diligence, and pragmatism.
Plan, Protect, and Provide
Karen M. Stockmal of KMS Law Offices, LLC specializes in protecting clients’ final wishes, preserving assets, and providing for loved ones after her clients have passed on.
Custody and COVID-19
As the global pandemic puts existing custody orders to the test, family law attorneys help clients ease the stress and strain.
A Tenacious Ally
Tina Mazaheri of Mazaheri Law, LLC provides experienced representation for individuals who are dealing with divorce, custody and support matters.
Choose Wisely
Jeffrey A. Liebmann of Liebmann Family Law offers his perspective on how to select an attorney who can help navigate the unknown.
Bent but Unbroken
The end of a marriage, however difficult, represents an opportunity for reinvention and renewed happiness.
Justice for All
When non-citizens need help navigating the complexities of the U.S. legal system, John Vandenberg of the immigration law firm Hogan & Vandenberg LLC stands ready to help.
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