Most Improved
Diamond Kitchen & Bath upgrades a room with quality products and expert craftsmanship
by Sharon A. Shaw

Quality and cost are the two most important factors of any purchase, and with a well-planned design and a variety of options, you can have both. Affordability is not just about finding the cheapest product; it is about creating the best value, and a knowledgeable professional can maximize the worth of every dollar spent. Mike Reisbord and Paul Selitskiy, co-owners of Diamond Kitchen & Bath, offer clients expertise, quality and choice, all at the best price.

As the distributor for a wide selection of brand-name kitchen and bath products, there is no middle-man between Diamond Kitchen & Bath and the manufacturer. This allows customers access to the best value possible with the convenience of one-stop shopping.

The Diamond Kitchen & Bath showroom in Langhorne features many kitchen and bathrooms displays, with a selection of faucets, appliances, cabinets, tile and granite samples. It showcases a variety of products so customers can compare them side by side. The showroom also houses a design studio and a home theater with a Wii system to entertain the kids while you shop. The rooms are constantly changing, as Reisbord says he redesigns almost monthly in order to keep up
with trends.

Ensuring quality
Diamond Kitchen & Bath employs its own installers and even fabricates the granite in house
to control quality and keep costs reasonable. The staff prides itself on its quality of work and professionalism, and each job is treated as if it were their own home. “The kitchen is my responsibility until the project is completed,” Reisbord says.

Diamond Kitchen & Bath renovated the master bathroom for homeowners Sal and Debbie Amoroso. Sal says they received bids from several contractors, but it was the quality of Diamond Kitchen & Baths’ products that convinced him to choose them for the job. Sal was very pleased with the quality of materials, the professional work ethic and craftsmanship.

“No one else could have done as good a job for twice the price,” he says.“When my wife shows the room to guests, their jaws drop.”

The Amorosos are so happy with their project that they have contracted Diamond Kitchen & Bath to renovate their kitchen as well.

The best for less
Reisbord offers numerous tips on how to make the most of the money you invest in a remodeling project. He recommends that the budget-conscious customer select high-quality materials without paying extra for fancy finishes. He notes that some materials, which seem to cost more, can actually require less labor to install.

Energy-Star Rated products are another way customers can save money while using high-quality materials. Reisbord believes it is important to consider the impact your choices have on the world. In addition to energy and water conserving appliances, he recommends natural stone, which he will only buy from countries that do not have labor abuse issues. And what about the out-of-style products they no longer need in the showroom? Reisbord says Diamond Kitchen & Bath donates their display products to Habitat for Humanity.

Reisbord feels that his job is to help customers make the right decisions. “We err towards traditional looks—timeless looks, as valuable in 10 years as it is now.” he says. “We have some clients that can afford to renovate with the trends every few years, but the majority of our customers only want to do it once.”

He adds: “There are ways to make the space ‘pop’ with current style, but keep it changeable for the future. I want the job to be as valuable now as it is in 10 years.” Recent trends include replacing tubs that are surrounded by a wide, impractical shelf, with a large shower or freestanding tubs that include many of the same bells and whistles in a smaller footprint. These tubs add the expense of a floor mounted faucet but are less costly to install and offer a better use of space, maximizing the investment.

There are other products he recommends— such as radiant heat floor systems—that add luxurious detail for a reasonable cost. He also insists on important design considerations such as proper ventilation, adequate lighting and storage.

In the end, the staff of Diamond Kitchen & Bath combines quality and style into rooms that are both functional and affordable—and tailored to the customer’s personal style.

“We believe the customer is the best source for inspiration,” Reisbord says. “Everyone has good ideas, and we run with them.”

Reisbord says he enjoys the challenge of bringing cost and quality together. In fact he has so many great ideas that Diamond Kitchen & Bath will be featured on the DIY network television show Money Hunters next month.

Sharon A. Shaw is a freelance writer living in Doylestown.