Perfect Form
Through a revolutionary nonsurgical procedure known as CoolSculpting, Gambhir Cosmetic Medicine helps patients gain visible results in advance of swimsuit season.
by Leigh Stuart

The start of a new year is a time of transformation and self-improvement. Some individuals pledge to eat healthier and more wholesome foods, while others promise to exercise regularly. For individuals looking to achieve more definition and a slimmer shape, Vibha Gambhir, M.D., might suggest gentle cosmetic enhancement by way of a revolutionary procedure known as CoolSculpting.
“Our optimal patient is someone who is at their ideal weight, but who has problem areas that they would like to work on,” says Dr. Gambhir, co-owner of Gambhir Cosmetic Medicine, which has offices in Exton and King of Prussia. “Some areas accumulate more fat, sometimes out of proportion with the rest of someone’s body. CoolSculpting can permanently diminish the fat in these areas, with a 20 to 25 percent permanent reduction with each treatment.”
CoolSculpting does very much what its name suggests: It uses below-freezing temperatures to terminate fat cells in targeted areas. The simple, noninvasive procedure enables most patients to achieve their desired results in two to three treatments, spaced two to three months apart.
“When fat is cooled to such a low temperature, the fat cells get programmed into apoptosis—they are tagged to die,” Dr. Gambhir explains. “New cells are always being born, and dying, and are eliminated all the time, so the process is very natural.”
The particular temperature at which the CoolSculpting technology is set uniquely affects only fat cells, leaving skin and muscle cells intact. The highly controlled process is ideal for individuals with areas of “pinchable fat,” as these areas are those taken between the cooling paddles of the CoolSculpting machine during treatment.
Dr. Gambhir, who has undergone CoolSculpting herself, describes the sensation as that of ice against the skin, a feeling which dissipates, she says, after the initial minutes of the treatment. Treatment sessions are approximately one hour each, and most patients use this time to relax, browse their iPads, read or otherwise peacefully pass the time.
“There really is not a lot of downtime,” Dr. Gambhir says. “People can go to work that day. It’s whatever the patient can tolerate.” While minor complications such as neuropathic pain may arise in rare cases, Dr. Gambhir emphasizes that these issues are not life-threatening and can be treated with medication. 
She also emphasizes the fact that this procedure is not a means for treating obesity or losing a large volume of fat. Rather, it’s meant purely to address specific areas, such as the upper and lower abdomen, the chin, and the flanks, among others. 
“This procedure does not substitute for eating correctly or exercising,” she notes. “It will help get rid of fat on the abdomen, for example, so that a person can see better definition. The fact that they should be doing exercises is still important, but this certainly helps with visible results.”
The practice has built a bustling business since opening its doors more than 14 years ago. Along with Anshul Gambhir, M.D., who is both her husband and her business partner, Dr. Gambhir can help nearly any individual who is striving to achieve his or her best self. Besides CoolSculpting, the doctors provide a host of cosmetic medical services, including dermal fillers and injectables, laser skin resurfacing, and nonsurgical eye lifts, among many others.
“We see approximately 60 to 80 patients per day, between my husband and myself,” Dr. Gambhir says. “And we want all our patients to look their best and feel their best in a way that looks natural.”
Helping each patient work toward an optimal appearance is only one piece of the puzzle, however.
“With everything I do, I want to stimulate happiness,” Dr. Gambhir says. “You want to live well, eat well, love well—all these things combine to make you a healthy person. When you look good, you feel better about yourself; you want to take better care of yourself and treat yourself well. We want to tap into a patient’s whole system of wellbeing and encourage that patient to take the best possible care of themselves so that they can look and feel their best at any age.”

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Photograph by Jody Robinson