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January 2019 Issue
Moore in Store
Growing up, all Mandy Moore wanted to do was perform. But, even she couldn’t have envisioned transitioning from a successful music career into acting and a starring role on one of television’s biggest hit shows.
Risk and Reward
A booming U.S. economy. Global instability. Anxiety-stoking volatility. Investors seek a path through the uncertainty.
Untying the Knot
When a marriage falls short of lasting a lifetime, one must navigate a maze of financial and emotional obstacles. Here’s how to get through it and thrive on the other side.
Virtue and Vice
Malvern native Adam McKay, the Oscar-winning filmmaker and writer/director of the Dick Cheney biopic Vice, talks about life behind the lens.
Never Miss a Beat
Area medical centers adopt pioneering therapies to mend the human heart
Embrace the Season
As winter rages outside, it’s time to look within.
Riot Act
Comedian Chris Distefano has a story he wants you to hear.
Small Change, Big Impact
Through the advisory team at Girard, a Univest Wealth Division, investors learn to make minor adjustments that can yield significant results for the future.
Perfect Form
Gambhir Cosmetic Medicine helps patients gain visible results in advance of swimsuit season.
Peak Performance
At AFC Fitness, members discover state-of-the-art fitness equipment, an attentive training staff, and a supportive community designed to help them achieve their personal fitness goals.
Beyond Stocks and Bonds
Axion Financial Group offers high-net-worth investors an alternative approach to preserving and growing wealth.
Enduring Wisdom
Liebmann Family Law offers peace of mind through well-crafted estate plans designed to protect clients’ wealth, as well as their wishes.
Heart to Heart
St. Mary Medical Center offers a breakthrough treatment for patients with a leaky heart valve who are too high-risk for surgery.
Ready for Anything
Ready for Anything As a newly minted partner in Weber Gallagher’s Family Law Group, veteran attorney Lawrence J. Persick leads clients through challenging legal matters.
Open Season
From Bucks County to the Main Line, Des-Carr Doors crafts artfully designed and constructed carriage doors to enhance any home.
Roadmap to Retirement
How Russ Valante helps clients prepare for the “winter” of life
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