The Apex of Dental Care
Dr. Dilip Dudhat of Advanced Dental Esthetics provides a safe and soothing atmosphere for all patients, whether their needs are simple or complex.
by Bill Donahue

Ask 100 people and 78 would likely say they do not particularly enjoy going to the dentist. Some might even say a trip to the dentist’s office causes bouts of anxiety, if not outright panic. Dilip N. Dudhat, D.M.D., understands these struggles, and he says anyone who sits in his dental chair has no reason to fear. 
“I’ve worked very hard to make my practice very unique,” says Dr. Dudhat, the owner and primary dentist of Advanced Dental Esthetics in Colmar. “I want people to trust me and feel safe, and they do. My goal is to help my patients eliminate any stress they may be having, save them teeth and time, and maybe even save their money.”
Throughout his 20-plus-year career, Dr. Dudhat has treated more than his fair share of patients who had a paralyzing fear of the dentist. When they come to see him for a first visit, he lets them know they have come to the right place. He believes a delicate hand, a welcoming atmosphere, and a healthy dose of compassion go a long way toward giving the patient a positive experience.
“We have created a comfortable and relaxed environment, starting with the moment you walk through the door,” he says. “It continues as you enter one of our treatment rooms. For anyone who needs a little extra support, we offer different types of sedation, including nitrous oxide.”
At Advanced Dental Esthetics, Dr. Dudhat provides a full lineup of dental services, from the simple (routine checkups and cleanings) to the sophisticated (complex procedures such as LANAP, short for Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure, a minimally invasive procedure that uses a specialized laser to effectively treat periodontal disease). He has placed and restored more than 20,000 dental implants, treats failing implants, and replaces teeth with single implants all the way up to full-mouth rehabilitations. 
A CBCT (cone beam computed tomography) CS9600 machine, an Itero 5D scanner that enables digital impressions on the patient’s teeth, and other cutting-edge technology play a key role in treatment planning. 
“Our success rate is very high because of the technology we have in place, including technology used to pre-plan a patient’s treatment,” he says. “With something like LANAP laser therapy, we can treat mild to advanced gum disease early with this minimally invasive treatment. It’s a much different experience than treating gum disease after it has become a significant problem.”
Dr. Dudhat’s website teems with glowing reviews from patients he has helped. Accolades include superlatives such as “amazing,” “awesome,” and “best dentist ever.” 
One patient, who has been a patient of Dr. Dudhat’s for more than 17 years, wrote the following: “His dentistry is not just a science; it is artistry. Because of a complicated medical history, my teeth and gums need almost constant care. I have called Dr. Dudhat in the evenings, on weekends, on holidays—you name it. He is always caring and responsive. He has never once let me down. … Why go anywhere else when you know where the best is?”
Another patient had this to say: “Advanced Dental Esthetics is like a family of good friends, and I actually look forward to going. Dr. Dudhat was a life-saver for me and my dental issues, and I really can’t thank him enough. I highly recommend him and his practice.” 

‘No Reason to Delay’
A 1996 graduate from Temple University’s Kornberg School of Dentistry, Dr. Dudhat works hard to stay several steps ahead of industry trends. His office participates in major PPO insurance plans, submits medical billing for special procedures, and offers flexible payment arrangements to make dental care affordable for all. His desire and drive to adopt the latest proven techniques and technologies, as well as his commitment to continuing education, have made him a leading dental expert in the tri-state area.
In addition to running his family-friendly Colmar office, Dr. Dudhat loves to teach hygienists and fellow dentists throughout the area about ethical dentistry and the importance of beginning treatment with the end in mind. With every opportunity, he shares his wisdom on topics such as comprehensive planning, early diagnosis, and conservative dentistry, as well as the need to understand patients’ fears and perspectives on the cost and time needed to provide a satisfying outcome.
Considering the direct connection between oral health and overall wellness, each patient receives a comprehensive evaluation that includes a thorough medical history, a blood pressure screening, and an evaluation to detect potential abnormalities such as oral cancer. Each patient also receives a full gum health assessment and, when needed, a personalized treatment plan.
Dr. Dudhat cautions patients against delaying treatment out of fear of the pandemic. He wants patients to know that Advanced Dental Esthetics has adopted exhaustive measures to protect patients, including curbside check-in, rigorous disinfection protocols, and limited patient-to-patient interactions. In addition, Dr. Dudhat and his clinical team wear comprehensive personal protective equipment such as gowns, respirators, and face shields during treatment. The practice has also added Jade Air, a medical-grade air purification system that uses a six-stage process to remove 99.998 percent of particles from the air. Plus, a Purevac High-Volume Evacuation System and ADS Extraoral Suction System removes 99.995 percent more aerosols than a low-volume saliva ejector. 
“Patients should continue to be proactive in protecting their dental health,” he says. “We want our patients to feel safe and comfortable when they come in for a visit. With the protocols we have put in place, there is no reason to delay treatment.”
Dr. Dudhat recognizes that his success hinges on the strength of his team. He considers it essential that his team is well educated on every procedure offered and shares in his passion for dentistry, so they can provide personal attention to help ease any fears or concerns. Every member of the team works together to ensure continuity of care and a bright, healthy smile for each patient who walks through the door. 
“Our goal is to always be better and stronger, and to provide the highest quality of care,” Dr. Dudhat says. “We want all of our patients to leave the office with a smile on their face.” 

Advanced Dental Esthetics 
2406 N. Broad Street
Colmar, PA 18915
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Photograph by Nina Lea Photography

Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life magazine, November 2020.