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Professional Profile - Story Meet the Professional Video Gallery
Professional Profile - Story Meet the Professional Video Gallery
Professional Profile - Story Meet the Professional Video Gallery
Professional Profile - Story Meet the Professional Video Gallery
Professional Profile - Story Meet the Professional Video Gallery
November 2020 Issue
Appreciating the Journey
Ryan Reynolds reflects on the ups and downs of his career and how he found happiness along the way.
Criminal Mind
With 30-plus books to his credit, Philly-born crime novelist Michael Connelly keeps inventing clever obstacles for his characters to overcome.
Good, Better, Best
From conservative therapies to complex smile makeovers, advances in dental care place a healthier smile within easy reach.
Warm Sensations
Hot beverages chase the chill and elevate the spirit.
Pink Wave
Keith Fenimore, the founder of Pine2Pink, engages communities and creates immersive experiences to help women in treatment and recovery from breast cancer.
Brighter Days
Game-changing medical advances increase the potential for a quicker, gentler recovery from cancer.
Better Together
Schools that embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion aim to broaden perspectives and prepare students to “do the work our nation has to do.”
A Better Place
Friends’ Central School embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion to create a “community of belonging” where all students know their voices will be heard.
The aestheticians of Modern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery play a vital role in helping patients of all ages achieve healthier, more youthful skin.
Devine Intervention
Drs. Daniel and Michael Devine aim to “upend the system” with Devine Concierge Medicine, a boutique practice that utilizes house calls to offer highly personalized primary care.
Special Considerations
Liebmann Family Law helps families of children with special needs ease the uncertainty associated with planning for their loved ones’ future.
A New Day in Dentistry
Dr. Peter Flaherty of Main Line Smile rises to the challenges of an unprecedented time.
Freezing Over
Kyle Zorzi, a wellness aficionado and the entrepreneur behind Total Cryo in Horsham, shares the many benefits of cryotherapy.
The Apex of Dental Care
Dr. Dilip Dudhat of Advanced Dental Esthetics provides a safe and soothing atmosphere for all patients, whether their needs are simple or complex.
Plan, Preserve, and Protect
The estate and business practice groups of Drake, Hileman & Davis, P.C., help clients protect their wishes and preserve their wealth for generations to come.
Led by the inimitable Dr. Steven Siepser, Siepser Eyecare offers an array of revolutionary solutions to help patients of every age and need see the world more clearly.
Truly Unique
The Wooden Duck Shoppe in Skippack Village builds on its 40-year tradition of helping visitors find one-of-a-kind gifts and collectibles.
Center Stage
At Center School in Abington, children with language-based learning difficulties discover a supportive community and gain the tools they need to thrive in and out of the classroom.
Deeply Satisfying
At City Dermatology Skin Institute, Dr. Imran Amir and his staff offer a host of cutting-edge solutions to maintain the health and beauty of the skin.
Fertile Ground
RMA Marlton’s newly opened laboratory and surgery center enhance the care and convenience for area residents eager to bring new life into the world.
Raising the Barn
Homeowners turn to B&D Builders to enhance their properties with stunning “party barns” designed to host special events, enjoy casual gatherings, and otherwise improve life at home
Guiding Light
Colonial Marble & Granite takes a step-by-step approach to turning homeowners’ renovation dreams into reality.
Beneath the Surface
Center for Vein Restoration offers relief from varicose veins, spider veins, and other symptoms of Venous Insufficiency, which may be affecting patients’ quality of life.
Make an Effort
To overcome loneliness and social isolation, learn to “say yes.”
The Showman
Master storyteller Aaron Sorkin creates worlds and characters viewers will never forget.
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