The aestheticians of Modern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery play a vital role in helping patients of all ages achieve healthier, more youthful skin.
by Bill Donahue

“Together we can move mountains.” For an example of this maxim, look no further than Modern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, which employs a team of skilled medical professionals working together to lead patients toward their rejuvenation goals.  
Two of the most crucial members of the team are Brittany Bray and Jillian Norton, licensed aestheticians who take a customized, hands-on approach to helping patients achieve healthier, more youthful skin. One might even characterize Bray and Norton as the stewards of each patient’s success, imperative to the “whole care” of the patient.  
“As licensed medical aestheticians, we specialize in performing a detailed lifestyle and skin analysis for each patient, and designing plans for their aesthetic goals,” says Bray, adding that she and Norton see patients at each of the practice’s locations in Newtown and King of Prussia. “We communicate a timeline as to when all procedures could be performed—marking three months, six months, one year, and eventually a graduated maintenance plan. This visualization alleviates any feelings of becoming overwhelmed with their goals, and allows us to work closely together to achieve desired results.”  
Each plan includes guidance regarding other elements of cosmetic medicine, including facial injectables and surgical remedies, such as a face-lift. Naturally, the aestheticians’ work goes hand in hand with that of the practice’s certified nurse injectors and certified physician assistants, who focus on nonsurgical facial sculpting, as well as each member of the surgical team—namely, Robert Skalicky, D.O., John-Paul Regan, D.O., and Vidhi Adlakha, D.O.  
“The aesthetic and skin analysis is a vitally important introductory service,” Bray adds. “Here we determine the full gamut of what you are looking for regarding your overall aesthetic goals. We present a spectrum of various modalities and options to narrow in on the most effective and achievable path for you. Within one visit to our practice, we are able to coordinate a universal meeting with our team of experts. You may begin seeing myself or Jillian, and then we may direct to our expert injectors, as well as our surgeons, all of whom have their own areas of specialty. We use all of that expertise to determine which direction the plan will take you.” 
While patients of all ages, male and female alike, come to Modern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery for the full range of cosmetic services, many come to the practice specifically for skin care. Each patient’s customized plan is based on factors such as age, sun exposure, how well they have cared for their skin, genetics, and even diet.  
“Patients who are in their teens and early 20s are traditionally more focused on issues like acne or scarring, while more mature patients may be driven to address laxity, skin texture concerns, and photodamage,” Bray says. “Plans for patients who desire skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, or pigmentation adjustment may be structured toward collagen remodeling, utilizing treatments such as Ultherapy, injectables, microneedling, or laser resurfacing. This outline may look very different than our hormonal acne patient or one who is seeking clearance of scarring or skin inflammation. In those cases, we may build our plan around custom exfoliations and at-home skincare routines.” 
“We see ourselves as corrective skincare practitioners, working closely with every patient, rather than offering one-and-done type treatments,” Norton adds. “We can help patients address some of their skincare concerns at home with prescribed skincare products, but most of the time the plans we provide are inclusive of the modalities we deliver here. We have come together as a team to offer the most comprehensive modalities and tools—treating everything from superficial skin conditions to the most advanced issues.” 
If and when surgery is the best option to help a patient achieve his or her rejuvenation goals, Bray and Norton play a pivotal role, doing preoperative skin preparation and postoperative care to maximize results. Patients who will benefit from a face-lift or facial reconstructive surgery seek a natural-looking result, not the artificial, taut, and overdone look.  
The aestheticians typically meet with these patients several months prior to the scheduled procedure to make sure the health and quality of skin is in its best state, ensuring an optimal outcome for full skin rejuvenation. A noninvasive skin-tightening treatment such as Ultherapy can be very helpful, Bray says, recommended before and after the surgery to maximize the desired result.  
“We are an entirely synergistic practice here,” Norton adds. “Every member is involved in a patient’s care, from the front team to each member of the clinical division. Patients are not only excited, but comfortable turning to us as their counsel.  We continually strive to be an exemplary source of industry information and a safe place to carry them from where they are to their ultimate goal.” 
It isn’t uncommon for a patient to present with anxiety or feel vulnerable prior to the initial meeting because they experience certain discomfort about their physical selves. Bray considers compassion and empathy just as important as her clinical skills. She stresses the importance of allowing patients to feel safe, heard, and appreciated for who they are prior to beginning on any aesthetic journey.  
“We are continuously here to guide patients and hold their hand, because sometimes they are in a place where they are feeling uncertain where to even begin,” she says. “Our goal is to make them feel very comforted and confident, and we can do that by being present and accessible. Coming to an aesthetic practice and seeking rejuvenation of any kind can be an extremely personal journey, so to be one of the ones who can support that transformation with kindness, education, and truly effective results is the most rewarding part of my career.” 
Both aestheticians appreciate the close-knit relationships they form with patients over months and years. They describe the physical and emotional transformation their patients undergo as inspiring.   
“People come to us because they’re desiring a change and seeking a means to improve their overall aesthetic appearance and even well-being,” Bray says. “This is sometimes reflective of how they feel inside and when we shine a light on how we can help them become their best selves, the true excitement comes through. We develop a level of trust that grows very quickly, and with that, their confidence blossoms. To me, that’s invaluable.” 
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Photograph by Jody Robinson

Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life magazine, November 2020.