Perfect the Plunge
Homeowners turn to Aqua Renovations PA for stunning, expertly restored pools that stand the test of time.
by Jenny Graham

Some people wait all year to embrace the charms of winter—hot cocoa, cozying up to a fire, and falling snow on a cold winter’s night. Others prefer to dream of the joys of summer, such as lounging by the swimming pool.

Sometimes this dream can get derailed by the elements or simple wear and tear, as even the best-installed swimming pools will need refurbishing over time. Enter Bob Whitaker. In the Greater Philadelphia Area, homeowners who need to renovate, refurbish, or otherwise repair their pools turn to Whitaker and his aptly named company, Aqua Renovations PA.  

“We mainly repair residential pools, but also do camp pools, indoor pools, and hotel pools,” Whitaker shares. “We can replace and install new coping, tile, and remove and replace damaged brick, concrete, and tile decks.”

To tailor a pool to each client’s particular tastes, Aqua Renovations PA utilizes finishes such as Diamond Brite exposed aggregate (a blend of quartz aggregates and fortified white Portland cement). Most often, though, Whitaker says his company uses StoneScapes, which he describes as “a beautiful finish for plastering the inside of pools.” 

“This mix has mini pebbles that are easy to walk on, the finish lasts longer than a quartz finish and basic plaster, and it looks beautiful when the sun shines,” he says. “We like to add special touches like small chips of mother of pearl or crushed abalone shell.”

Regular and Mini Pebbles offer a river-bottom matte look, while Touch of Glass StoneScapes finishes, featuring glass-bead accents in myriad colors, add unique sparkle and flair. 

Though each renovation project is different, the process generally starts with an on-site meeting at a prospective client’s home, which includes a full discussion of the client’s vision for their particular backyard oasis. At this phase, Whitaker also offers recommendations that, in his words, “usually save a client money.”

Complete renovation begins with draining of the pool, if necessary, and measures to prevent “floating” in the case of heavy rain. Next, tile and coping (the material used to cap the edge of the pool) are removed from the steps and walls, then replaced. 

“When that’s finished, we bond coat the interior after pressure washing the pool walls and floor,” he adds. “Last year our average renovation took about seven to 10 days from the time the pool was drained.”

Aqua Renovations PA offers a large selection of tile and coping, as well as stone, brick, or concrete cantilever decking in different finishes. 

“We are not a block-store company,” Whitaker says. “We won’t sell more jobs than we can finish, like the big companies. We have been doing pool renovations for over 25 years and have crews for all phases of work. All our workers do what they are trained to do. They show up on time and work very hard and leave a client’s property clean and in nice condition.”

Whitaker acknowledges that a pool renovation is an investment—one that many have been dreaming of for years. That’s why he treats each job with the care and respect it deserves. 

“We know that many homeowners are spending their hard-earned income, and that they want the finished product to match what they envisioned,” he says. “Our goal is to make sure that when we are done with a project, the homeowner is happy they chose us.”

For more information on Aqua Renovations PA, visit, email, or call (267) 249-2192.

Photograph courtesy of Aqua Renovations PA

Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life magazine, December 2020