December 2020 Issue
Rising to the Occasion
Gal Gadot proves she’s a wonder woman in more ways than one.
Well Represented
Seasoned attorneys help clients find resolution to legal matters of every sort.
Carry On
Local life-plan communities, and their residents, provide case studies in resilience and adaptability.
Hungry for More
As winter draws near, restaurateurs see bright spots amid the dark clouds.
Required Reading
Writers with local ties build upon the area’s history of accomplished storytelling.
Altered State
The pandemic has changed the landscape for individuals trying to recover from substance use disorder.
Beyond Expectations
A Horsham family gains unforeseen benefits from a kitchen modernization that extended to much of their home’s first floor.
Looking Forward
Family law attorney Sheryl R. Rentz stands ready to help clients contend with an ever-changing legal landscape and fight new battles as they come.
Inspired Results
A local woman details her journey and dramatic transformation, with help from Dr. Robert Skalicky of Modern Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.
Saving Your Health Care License
Health care professionals whose lives and licenses are in legal jeopardy find a fierce advocate in Richard Q. Hark of Hark & Hark.
Champion of the People
Lou Mincarelli, a founding partner of McCullough McLaughlin Mincarelli & McCloskey, has devoted his life to fairness, justice, and helping others find a positive path forward.
Clean Start
MasterTech Environmental tackles each job with care, professionalism, and precision.
A Smooth Road to Recovery
Pine Run Health Center provides quality, compassionate care to Bucks County seniors in skilled nursing, short-term rehabilitation, and memory care.
Perfect the Plunge
Homeowners turn to Aqua Renovations PA for stunning, expertly restored pools that stand the test of time.
Recovery Centers of America
Saving Lives, One Patient at a Time
The Greatest Gift
RMA Marlton takes joy in helping families complete the journey to parenthood
Protect and Defend
Individuals implicated in criminal matters gain a calming presence and a tireless advocate when they hire defense attorney Kevin T. Coyne.
Pandemic-proof Family Lawyers
The family law group of Klehr Harrison Harvey Branzburg LLP uses compassion and skill to guide clients through some of life’s most trying times, including the COVID-19 pandemic.
A Guiding Light
Family law attorney Christina M. DeMatteo works tirelessly to pursue the best possible outcomes for her clients and her community.
A Pet’s Best Friend
East Bradford Veterinary Hospital welcomes animals—and their owners—into an ever-growing family.
STARS Kids Life Studio helps children find the confidence, inspiration, and motivation needed to become their best selves.
‘The Sky’s the Limit’
Gehman Design Remodeling excels at creating stunning bathrooms homeowners will enjoy for years to come.
All Business
The attorneys of Silverang, Rosenzweig & Haltzman LLC act as trusted advisors who can handle any business-related dispute or litigation need.
Fighting for ‘The Little Guy’
For nearly three decades, Gross & Kenny LLP has excelled at helping workers find resolution after life-changing injuries in the workplace.
Pass It On
Have you thought about and planned for your legacy?
Rising Star
Ariana Greenblatt is already one of Hollywood’s most promising young performers, with several more highly visible performances yet to come.