Pillars of the Community
Realtors Heather Walton and Todd McCarty build on Class-Harlan Real Estate’s 60-year tradition of passionately serving clients’ needs and actively uplifting the communities they serve.
by Matt Cosentino

If the borough of Doylestown had a formal welcoming committee, Heather Walton would fill the role perfectly. Her enthusiasm for the area she calls home, both personally and professionally, is contagious to everyone around her. She does everything in her power to spread the word about a place she believes is unlike any other.

Todd McCarty feels just as strongly about the region. He loves the fact that Doylestown and its surrounding areas overflow with year-round family-friendly events, especially during the holidays, and that it abounds with amazing restaurants, shops, museums, and other attractions worthy of multiple visits.
Their shared passion for the area, along with their vast experience in the real estate industry, has spawned a thriving partnership. Together, Walton and McCarty co-own Class-Harlan Real Estate, a fixture just off State and Main streets in the heart of Doylestown since its founding by Herb Class and Neal Harlan in 1963. Both Walton and McCarty started off as agents and continue to represent buyers and sellers. They have led the team since 2014, with McCarty also acting as broker of record.
“We definitely complement each other,” McCarty says. “I like contract review, I’m intrigued with real estate law, I love watching over and guiding agents when they’re structuring deals. Heather enjoys the promotion of the company, and she’s a great team player and supporter for this community, as am I. We’re proud of the services we offer, and it’s always been about helping people find the properties they need for the next chapter of their lives.”
Class-Harlan is a boutique agency with approximately 30 agents—small enough so everyone knows each other, but large enough to provide no-stone-unturned service to buyers and sellers. Unlike many of their competitors from corporate backgrounds, the Realtors of Class-Harlan are truly part of the fabric of the towns to which they cater.
“We have been in the same building for 60 years, which is pretty incredible,” Walton says. “People know us, they like us, they trust us, and we’ve been serving their real estate needs for six decades. We’ve got a dynamite location and people are often in town for festivals or to visit the courthouse, museums, local businesses, the hospital, or Del Val University. They’re bound to come across Class-Harlan, and if they have an interest in anything real estate, whether it be residential, rental, commercial, or property management, we are happy to help.”
That willingness to be of assistance extends across the entire company, even for the clients of fellow agents. If one of Walton’s buyers stops in while she is at a showing or a home inspection, for example, other agents in the office will not hesitate to answer the buyer’s questions or address their concerns.
“We’re a little different,” McCarty says. “Even though we all have our own businesses and we’re individual contractors, we go out of our way to help each other. There is a huge team approach. We have weekly sales meetings and there’s a lot of training sessions going on, sharing experiences, and bettering ourselves and learning, because real estate is forever changing.”
“The way we position ourselves can stand apart from other agencies, from our team approach and sometimes even with how we represent our clients and client prospects,” Walton adds. “The first question we often ask is what is in the best interest for our clients? That might even play a part as we encourage separate buyer and seller representation in real estate transactions. We believe in consumers having representation and do not believe in practicing ‘dual agency.’ It’s kind of like
an attorney representing the best interests of two opposing parties in a court—almost
impossible to do. From the start of a relationship to long after settlement, we work together to best service the consumer with all of their real estate needs.”

Visitors to the office immediately feel at home when they enter the warm, inviting space reminiscent of a living room. They often seek advice beyond real estate issues, asking for guidance on where to park, where to find the best burger in town, etc. Class-Harlan even remains open during the many events in the area, providing a place of respite for those looking to escape the weather or use the restroom, or for nursing mothers.
The company and its agents actively uplift the community through charitable efforts. Class-Harlan holds a Have a Heart Food Drive every February in collaboration with the Bucks County Housing Group; partners with the Bucks County Association of Realtors in August to fill backpacks with school supplies for children in need; and sponsors the Sock and Mitten Drive in November and December to gather items for those in need. Also, on Thursdays in December, team members go caroling around town to spread holiday cheer.
Walton and McCarty are community-driven in their personal lives, too. She currently sits on the Historic and Architectural Review Board for Doylestown, previously was a member of the Revitalization Board, and helped build Kids Castle in Doylestown’s Central Park. He is a former volunteer firefighter, serves on the grievance committee for the Bucks County Association of Realtors, and was recently elected to the organization’s board of directors. McCarty and his wife, Samantha, also co-own the historic Doylestown Inn, located right across the street from Class-Harlan.
It’s no surprise that they have chosen to raise their families in the area as well; Walton resides in Doylestown, while McCarty lives in nearby Plumstead Township.
“I’ve lived in this area for most of my life, moved away for a bit, but happy to say I am comfortably stuck in Bucks County,” McCarty says. “It’s a great place to raise a family, the school system is awesome, and I love the community we live in. It’s an easy sales pitch when selling to out-of-towners who are unfamiliar with the area. And when you get to meet new residents that have lived in the area for so long, it is more fun to learn even more from them about our community perks.”
They take seriously the responsibility of upholding the stellar reputation Class-Harlan has fostered long before they came on board. Furthermore, they look forward to serving clients in the same tradition for years to come, with agents who buy into the team approach and are actively involved in the community.
“We are very picky about who we invite to become part of our sales team,” Walton says. “They have to be willing to work as a team to best service the client. That’s how Class-Harlan has been in business, continues to be in business and will be into the future, because of that customer-driven approach.
“You know, we were taught these basic life lessons in kindergarten: to be kind and share and to work together and collaborate,” she continues. “We, at Class-Harlan, have found success in using these same lessons with our sales team, our clients, cooperating brokers, and our community. It works in creating a healthy environment of growth and success for everyone involved.”
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Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life, February 2023.