February 2023 Issue
Drama Queen
Although widely known for her work on Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke takes on a range of roles for stage and screen.
Top Physicians, Class of 2023
From prevention to cure, the area’s foremost doctors take the fight to all forms of disease.
In the Middle of It All
Although 50 may be considered middle age, many who have passed the mid-century milestone believe the best has only just begun.
Fresh, flavorful, and dense with nutrients, locally grown and harvested foods nourish the body in unexpected ways.
Split Decisions
The steps taken and professionals hired early into the divorce process could determine whether someone thrives after a breakup or simply survives the aftermath.
Media Savvy
Schools foster programming to help students become responsible “digital citizens.”
Locking Horns
As the founder of PA Rhino Conservation Advocates, Heather Smith fights to protect endangered animals, ecosystems, and communities halfway around the world.
Ready to Perform
Family-owned Rockstar Closers goes the extra mile to make sure its clients have a smooth, stress-free settlement when purchasing a property.
Led by Dr. Manav Segal, Chestnut Hill Allergy & Asthma Associates LLC offers lasting relief to patients dealing with food and seasonal allergies, asthma, and other life-altering issues.
The Smart Choice
Led by clinicians skilled at “transforming lives by transforming smiles” in as little as a day, Smart Arches Dental Implants extends its reach across the country and around the globe.
‘Should I Stay or Should I Go?’
For homeowners who are unsure of when and if to sell, the COMPASS RE team led by Realtor Deana Corrigan excels at helping clients make clear-eyed decisions that serve their best interests.
Close to Home
As a Philadelphia native, family medicine physician Dr. Rita George finds meaning and fulfillment in treating patients in the Community Health Center of Lower Bucks Hospital.
The Next Wave
For boating enthusiasts who love spending time on the water but don’t want the hassle of boat ownership, Carefree Boat Club of South Jersey may be a dream come true.
The Freedman Team Advantage
The COMPASS RE team led by Steffi Freedman uses hard-nosed expertise, sheer determination, and a deeply personal touch to deliver superior results for clients in the city, the suburbs, and beyond.
Ready to Thrive
Law Offices of Jennifer J. Riley embraces integrative wellness as a tool of empowerment to help clients discover a path to prosperity in the aftermath of a divorce.
Pillars of the Community
Realtors Heather Walton and Todd McCarty build on Class-Harlan Real Estate’s 60-year tradition of passionately serving clients’ needs and actively uplifting the communities they serve.
Restoring Balance
Considered a pioneer in her field, Dr. Maureen O’Leary helps patients recover from dizziness and balance issues at The Vertigo Centre in Springfield.
A Natural Approach
Dr. Victor Sage and his team at the Sage Clinic help patients overcome chronic pain and return to doing the things they love, without relying on medication or surgery.
Catching Fire
Led by Jenny Abraham and her team of hot yoga, fitness, and wellness instructors, Studio LIT brings the heat to Newtown.
A More Beautiful World
From enhancing patients’ smiles to fiercely advocating for the environment, Dr. Beth Snyder devotes her time and energy to making life a little healthier.
Looking Up
Dennis Gehman of Gehman Design Remodeling shares how ceiling design can enhance the flow and feel of a room.
Two of a Kind
Esther Cohen-Eskin and Jessa Eskin, the mother-and-daughter duo at COMPASS Real Estate, share an uncommon drive to help discerning clients achieve their goals.
All the World’s a Stage
From theater to entrepreneurship to filmmaking, the life of Guy Quigley comes full circle.