The Freedman Team Advantage
The COMPASS RE team led by Steffi Freedman uses hard-nosed expertise, sheer determination, and a deeply personal touch to deliver superior results for clients in the city, the suburbs, and beyond.
by Staff

In the midst of the red-hot real estate market of 2021, Steffi Freedman expertly steered all of her clients through the uncharted waters of a housing situation the likes of which no one had ever seen. From helping her sellers command top dollar for their homes to guiding her buyers as they worked to acquire their dream house no matter what their budget was, Freedman was a trusted source of expertise, stability, and savvy.

She has leveraged those very traits to build the highly respected Freedman Team at COMPASS RE. Her clients, no matter what side of the deal they’re on, whether their budget is $300,000 or $3 million, all benefit. She understands that, no matter what her clients are in the market for, whether it’s a forever home for their growing family or an additional investment property for an already robust portfolio, selling or buying a home is a big deal.
“We’re not just doing transactions for people,” she explains. “We’re fully engaged, and we help our clients connect to their next chapter.”
Freedman’s deep understanding of her team’s clients, and her absolute refusal to treat them as “just another deal” to broker, has allowed her to earn the trust of an impressive range of homeowners and investors in the Main Line and throughout the Philadelphia metro area.
“The truth is that, whether you’re looking to make the leap from your city apartment to a home for your family in the suburbs—or vice versa—or are looking to acquire a substantial estate, you need to understand the overall market conditions and the specific nature of what’s happening where you’re looking,” she says. “That’s what we excel at. Our knowledge of the situation on the ground is unparalleled, and we work passionately and diligently to make sure that the right decisions are being made every step of the way.”
Whether that means mining the contacts of her impressively broad network of Realtors, property owners, and investors, or finding exactly the right personal touch to get the proverbial ball over the goal line, Freedman is as hands-on as she is shrewd.
“In 2020, I did a specifically tailored campaign with clients who fell in love with one particular street on the Main Line,” she says. “Their reaction to the neighborhood, and to this particular block, was immediate and visceral. The only issue was that there just wasn’t anything for sale there.”
Freedman didn’t let that stop her.
“I also knew that inventory was low in general,” she adds, “and I was confident that, with the right offer, we could find a great house. So we used that situation to our advantage.”
She and her clients composed handwritten letters that were sent to the handful of houses that they were most interested in, which kicked off a conversation with the owners of the one they wanted most. A few months later, they went to settlement on their dream home.
“That’s what makes real estate so unique,” she says. “It’s among the biggest purchases or sales that many people will ever experience, and it requires a serious eye for detail and a deep knowledge of the situation. At the same time, it can also be deeply personal; buying or selling a house can be emotional, so it’s immensely important to me that that part of the process isn’t neglected either. Each deal is different, each client’s situation is unique, and understanding what will work for each is key.”
Fortunately, when Freedman joined COMPASS RE four years ago, after many successful years at other brokerages, she found that the company’s focus on that aspect of real estate, and its unparalleled ability to provide its agents and their clients with the support they need, was a perfect fit.
“Whether it’s the guidance and advice of our deep roster of in-house experts, or our COMPASS Concierge program, which, pending equity requirements, provides interest-free financing for home-improvement projects designed to help a property sell faster and at a higher price, my team has more tools at our disposal than I’ve ever experienced before,” she says.
That extra effort—a Freedman Team signature—extends to her nationwide network of contacts, too. Since the first year of the pandemic, Freedman has been a proud member of COMPASS RE’s in-house group called the 6AMers. The group meets online every weekday morning before most people are even awake.
When asked why she goes to the effort of logging on before her kids are out of bed five mornings each week, she explains: “I love the community of passionate people in the group, and I love the serendipity of how those relationships aren’t just personally fulfilling, but have also helped my clients. I’ve been able to help buyers and sellers with their home search across the country by connecting them with my 6AMers colleagues in other states, as well. And for me, that’s what it’s all about: building community, nurturing a sense of trust, and always working to fine-tune our understanding of the market in order to leverage that knowledge to the benefit of the people who have trusted us to help them buy or sell.”
It’s that 360-degree approach, and that balance between hard-nosed expertise and a deeply personal touch, that have allowed Freedman to find success in the city, the suburbs, and beyond.
Steffi Freedman
(610) 822-3356 (office) | (610) 574-2749 (cell)
Photo by Alison Dunlap
Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life, February 2023.