Elevating the Medical Spa Experience
Galina Kotovets, the co-founder of Eminence Medical Aesthetics and Princeton Aesthetics Academy, strives to elevate the aesthetic industry.
by Erica Young

Years ago, Galina Kotovets was searching for something she could not find.

While Kotovets had always taken pride in her appearance, imperfect skin had deeply compromised her self-esteem. She spent a long time looking for “the right medical aesthetics practice” where she felt she would be heard, the recommended treatment plan was customized to her needs, and the treatments were delivered in an inviting and compassionate setting. At the time, she was working in the fast-paced corporate world of New York City, and she found the available medical spa options sorely lacking.
“I was intrigued by the evolving developments in the medical aesthetics space,” says Kotovets. “I always paid close attention to the advancements in aesthetic techniques and technology for myself, but I was going from clinic to clinic trying to manage my skin, experimenting with various treatments and lasers, but not finding an experience that was to my satisfaction.”
She solved the problem by partnering with a physician to incorporate a carefully cultivated lineup of aesthetic treatments into his existing medical practice. In other words, she stopped her search by creating a medical spa of her own: Eminence Medical Aesthetics.
“This new passion project aligned with my personal and professional interests, and gave me an outlet to be more creative and offer clients the type of care and customer service experience I craved for myself,” says Kotovets, co-founder and managing director of Eminence Medical Aesthetics. “With that, I was able to create a value-based practice, focused first and foremost on the client experience, and found that there was a great market for this concept in Princeton.”
Eminence Medical Aesthetics has since grown into an almost 4,000-square-foot full-service medical spa offering more than 30 services six days a week. Since launching in 2013, the enterprise has continually expanded, providing a signature menu of face and body procedures spanning the categories of injectables, lasers/devices, medical facials, peels, fat reduction/body contouring, permanent cosmetics, and more.
“Clients seek us out for treatment of various concerns including wrinkles, acne, scarring, pigmentation, melasma, unwanted body hair, excess weight, vascular lesions, and more,” Kotovets says. “We’re committed to providing comprehensive, customized care while making every person feel heard and look their very best.”
Years of observing client results and various treatment methods have inspired a unique menu of signature combination treatments that are exclusive to Eminence Medical Aesthetics. The spa’s value-driven proprietary membership program is available to incentivize clients to make regular use of services at significantly reduced prices to help them optimize and maintain long-term results.
Kotovets understands how overwhelming the aesthetics space may seem and how difficult it can be for someone to determine which treatments are right for them.  
“This is still an emerging industry with a lot of new advancements being introduced to people regularly, so our clients need time and help to understand what’s safe and appropriate for them,” she says. “We begin each new client relationship with an extensive, complimentary consultation in order to educate and guide them through our recommendations.”
Eminence Medical Aesthetics adopts only proven treatments, which Kotovets’s team of experts then customizes to meet each client’s unique needs, goals, and budget.
From Kotovets’s perspective, effective treatment is only one aspect of the medical spa experience. Equally important are the physical environment and the culture among team members. As soon as a client enters Eminence Medical Aesthetics, they are welcomed into an atmosphere of tranquility, comfort, and understated elegance.
“Our décor is very homey, aesthetically pleasing, and designed to be inviting, not at all like a sterile office,” she says. “Our administrative team is as crucial to our operations as our medical team.”
In fact, Kotovets attributes the medical spa’s success to its 15-person team, which she describes as “a work family that believes in close collaboration.”
“I learned so many lessons along the way, and one of them is that having a dynamic team of warm, compassionate individuals who support one another is key to our success,” she says. “Our medical professionals are also thoroughly trained across all of our treatments, as we want our clients to work with professionals who see the big picture and are able to utilize any combination of treatments to best meet their needs.”
Over the last 10 years, Kotovets’s success in the industry and internal training process has led many practitioners to come to her for her perspective on how to work at and run a proficient medical spa. The experience inspired her to launch her newest project: Princeton Aesthetics Academy.
“Princeton Aesthetics Academy evolved out of necessity,” she says. “After seeing the shortage of experienced aesthetic providers in the job market, we began to train applicants ourselves. As time went on, we built a comprehensive program, teaching the most sought-after aesthetic services as well as hospitality and consultation skills that are just as important in the medical aesthetics space.
“Opening the Princeton Aesthetics Academy allows us to broaden our reach,” she continues. “Individuals who are interested in medical aesthetics can enter the program with little knowledge and leave feeling well prepared in virtually every aspect of the business through a combination of classroom instruction, immersive hands-on training, and even externship placement.”
In every aspect of her growing business network, Kotovets’s passion, commitment to excellence, and transformative vision has solidified her reputation as a regional leader in a challenging, competitive, and ever-changing industry.
“At Eminence Medical Aesthetics, we strive to empower individuals, helping them embrace their unique beauty and tap into their inner confidence; that’s wellness in a nutshell,” she says. “By bridging the gap between traditional education and real-world practice through the Princeton Aesthetics Academy, we aim to set a higher standard for excellence in the future of medical aesthetics.”
Eminence Medical Aesthetics
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Princeton Aesthetics Academy
Photo by Alison Dunlap
Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life, September 2023.