Modernizing the Main Line
Spouses Mia and Paul Bloomfield combine their talents to create stunning, elegant, and modern homes that stand apart from the crowd.
by Matt Cosentino

In a world that has become increasingly cookie-cutter, Mia and Paul Bloomfield’s two children learned early on the value of zigging when others zag.

“When they were young, one day our daughter came home from a playdate and said, ‘Mom, how come other people’s houses are so boring and we live in such a cool house?’” Mia recalls. “They always appreciated the house they grew up in. They also appreciated art and sculpture and music, those things that come along with keeping your eyes wide open to new things. They’re still creative to this day.”
Such creativity was no doubt inherited from their parents.
Mia is a multimillion-dollar-producing Realtor at COMPASS RE with a relentless work ethic and more than 20 years of experience in real estate. Paul is the owner of Bloomfield Architects in Bryn Mawr and an expert in creative solutions for a wide range of projects.
Mia and Paul have combined their unique backgrounds and shared passion for design and modern homes to offer clients an opportunity to find the house of their dreams. Together, they own a company called Portfolio that blends Mia’s skills for finding hidden gems on the Main Line and Paul’s ability to transform those homes into stunning residences with modern sensibilities.
“Our first real home together was a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed house, and we still have that,” says Paul. “That was a real turning point for the both of us in becoming interested in that kind of architecture and design. Our backgrounds were different prior to that, but since that point we’ve been moving toward a more modern aesthetic in our own home—high ceilings and open spaces. That was the big genesis of why we were able to do this.”
Although the Main Line is lauded as one of the most desirable regions in the country, many of the homes in the area were built in the traditional style. Even those that do have a modern flair are in need of significant updates. That’s where the Bloomfields come in.
Either through new construction, or more commonly through “transcendent renovation,” they design and build the types of modern houses that today’s buyers seek. These homes feature dramatic forms with soaring spaces filled with natural light. Elegant materials and modern elements are used throughout.
The end result: a minimal, clean look more commonly associated with Europe, Australia, and the U.S. West Coast than the southeastern corner of Pennsylvania.
“Since the pandemic, people have realized they want to see the outside world and be part of it,” Mia says. “One of the nice things about living in a modern home is that the inside and the outside really become one, and people have learned that that’s a very healthy way to live.”
Many large builders turn out homes with similar floor plans and façades, making it difficult for homeowners to express their personal style. The Bloomfields aim to reverse that trend.
“People come to us looking for some help in that regard,” Paul says. “We design each project uniquely for the plot that it’s on, and that means you can take advantage of the views and protect against any vulnerabilities. The design is a custom result that maximizes the property.”
If a client is leaning more toward the traditional style, Mia can still be of assistance and use Paul’s expertise to resolve any structural issues that need to be addressed.
“Modern homes are our preference, but we don’t do them exclusively,” she says. “We both are very diligent about doing what’s best for our clients.”
Regardless of the situation, the Bloomfields agree that there’s no better reward than meeting a client’s needs by delivering a home that they will be able to live in happily for years to come.
“We both focus on getting a good result, even if compromises have to be made along the way,” Paul concludes. “We always try to experiment a little bit and include something that is a little bit unique in each design. We get a lot out of seeing it come together.”
Bloomfield Architects
Mia Bloomfield
Photo by Jody Robinson
Published (and copyrighted) in Suburban Life, December 2023.