Gain by Losing
Through a revolutionary program offered by Dr. Vince Fraumeni, people are losing weight and reaping surprising rewards to their health
by Leigh Stuart

For decades, Americans have been obsessed with appearing thin, which is a 180-degree change from the previous fashion that equated heft with wealth and success. Happily, one local doctor has found a way to help people attain dramatic and even life-altering changes to their weight with only minor changes to their lifestyle.

Dr. Vince Fraumeni has discovered a means by which ideal weight can be achieved without exercise or completely overhauling a person’s diet. Of the revolutionary weight-loss system he has been using to help hundreds of clients each year, Dr. Fraumeni says, “It’s probably the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen because it doesn’t really focus on diet.”

Dr. Fraumeni, who holds a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University in Marietta, Ga., has working in chiropractic medicine for 22 years with his in Downingtown-based practice, We Care Chiropractic. But, just a few years ago, in December 2012, Dr. Fraumeni learned of a one-of-a-kind weight loss program—NutriMost—developed by friend, colleague, fellow chiropractor and nutritionist Dr. Raymond C. Wisniewski in Pittsburgh.

“He said, ‘You’ve got to try what I’m doing.’ So I tried this system he developed, and in two weeks I lost 20 pounds,” he says, adding that two months later, this total jumped to 55 pounds. “My wife and I even lost weight at an all-inclusive resort!”

Dr. Fraumeni even attested that, by his own experience, the weight stayed off and his physiology remained changed to the point that he found himself not even wanting to eat greasy, calorie-laden foods such as hamburgers and pizza. From all of this positive experience, Dr. Fraumeni felt compelled to share this weight-loss system with his clients.

“The main thing I inform people of is the easiest thing when it comes to weight loss,” he says. “What [the plan is] focusing on is not diet; it’s getting your body into a fat-burning zone naturally, without shots or anything.”

Dr. Fraumeni contractually guarantees results for NutriMost clients, assuring patients they will lose at least 20 pounds by sticking to the 40-day plan. He says he can do this easily because, “The average weight loss is so well above that.”

The NutriMost system is easy for participants, Dr. Fraumeni explains. The first step is an evaluation wherein patients’ existing fitness level is assessed. From this information, the doctor creates a “biosignature,” which helps him craft a plan that is individualized to the needs of each and every patient. The “ultimate fat loss scan” utilizes NRF technology, which is a comprehensive electro-impedance resonant frequency scan to find a person’s “ultimate fat-burning zone.” This testing can be done remotely, with the use of a portable machine that Dr. Fraumeni ships to the patient and an Internet connection. He has worked with patients as far away as Iowa using this method.

The doctor then gives the patient all-natural, non-medicinal drops taken by mouth to stabilize their body chemistry and correct hormonal imbalances. From this point, the patient starts to see weight loss of a half a pound to two pounds per day by embracing the five components of the program. These elements include hydrating, cleansing and balancing the pH of the body and nutritional detoxification, all conducted under personalized doctor supervision with the ultimate goal of “resetting” the hypothalamus, the part of the brain in charge of things such as hormonal and behavioral circadian rhythms.

Dr. Fraumeni states that throughout the process he stays in close contact with each participant in the weight-loss program, so that he can get patients on track if they’re not seeing optimal weight loss. He says, “We don’t wait until a problem happens; we smell the smoke before the fire. … I’ve helped people with blood pressure, acid reflux, thyroid problems. I can’t tell you just how thrilled people are with [NutriMost].”

One such patient is Don Baugher, who last winter went through the 40-day program and subsequent 21-day stabilization period under Dr. Fraumeni’s supervision. The program dramatically improved more than just aesthetics; he also saw an improvement in his overall health and quality of life. He had been suffering from Type 2 diabetes, and in the six weeks leading up to his treatment with Dr. Fraumeni, he had gained roughly 15 pounds and “continued to grossly grow in weight.”

Not only did he lose 47.5 pounds over the course of his NutriMost experience, but he also learned upon a subsequent visit to his endocrinologist that he no longer needed medication for his illness; in fact, he was no longer diabetic at all. “It’s a great program,” he says. “I’d recommend it to anyone that has weight issues or health issues, especially Type 2 diabetic men.”

Baugher had a very positive experience working with Dr. Fraumeni and his wife, Lanette. Upholding Dr. Fraumeni’s own assertion, Baugher says he felt free to contact these professionals at any time of day and that they were accommodating and supportive.

“They’re just great people to work with,” he says. “I wish all my doctors were like that.”

Baugher’s wife, Sophie, went through the program with her husband and had a similarly positive experience. “When they say the weight just drops off, it does,” she says. “When I started I had a metabolic age of 90. My metabolic age today is 58. … If anyone goes on [the plan], they’ll be thrilled with the results.”

Sophie Baugher says that in conjunction with the drop in her metabolic age, she also feels vastly more energized in her day-to-day life. Of the doctor and his staff, she says, “He treats you like family. … [Dr. Fraumeni and Lanette] are just two of the best people, and they have a good staff surrounding them. They’re very caring, loving people.”

Valerie Johnson first went to see Dr. Fraumeni in early May. She started the NutriMost plan in June and has since lost 48 pounds. Diagnosed by her physician as pre-diabetic, Johnson sought out the program to see if she could change this destiny without medication. Like other NutriMost clients, she says she now has more energy and is in far better health.

“It’s easy to maintain because while you’re doing [NutriMost] you lose your taste for the ‘garbage’ food,” she says, noting she no longer craves pizza, pasta and other carbohydrate-heavy dishes. “If you do it the way you’re supposed to do it, you’ll find a whole new you. … This has been an amazing journey; I’m very glad to have met [the Fraumenis].”

Kevin Pierce started NutriMost this past November to help improve his health in general. So far has lost 37 pounds. “It was lifestyle change,” he says. “I was a junk-food junkie, but after a couple of weeks it became easier and easier. Now I have no cravings for any of that stuff.”

In addition to accolades from satisfied clients, Dr. Fraumeni says what sets his office apart from others is the educational process that benefits clients, the friendly staff and “our way of treating people.” In that respect, the business’ name—We Care Chiropractic—says it all.

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Photography by Jody Robinson