March 2014 Issue
Behind the Music
There’s much more to Demi Lovato than being a pop star, and thankfully she’s willing to share her story
Raising the Bar
Our salute to 21 of the region’s top taverns
Making a move? Find the right person to help you buy or sell with confidence
In Your Corner
In matters of divorce, adoption and other events that could change or disrupt a family, turn to the Philadelphia area’s top family-law attorneys
Special Delivery
Local couples struggling with infertility go to great lengths to have a family of their own—and find it’s well worth the fight
Spring into Step
Spruce up your home, inside and out, with help from the very best in the business
Oh, Joy!
The multitalented Joy Behar—sharp-tongued comedian, actress, equality advocate—has not lost a step
Hometown Lawyers
The attorneys of Williams Family Law rely on teamwork and experience to help their Bucks County clients through trying times
Building Dreams
Thomas K. Fischer, a gifted restorer and renovator of historic Bucks County structures, adds value and comfort to the region’s most distinctive homes
Positive Results
Couples dealing with infertility turn to Shady Grove Fertility for effective treatment tailored to their unique circumstances
Committed, Connected, Respected
DiOrio & Sereni LLP offers the skill and professionalism of a big-city law firm with the personal attention and service of a hometown lawyer
Sculpting Confidence
Physician Transformations specializes in full-body liposculpting using the latest technologies to help patients look and feel their best
Working Relationship
E.C. Trethewey III Building Contractors Inc. collaborates with clients, architects and craftsmen to breathe new life into older homes
A Secret No Longer
S.A. Williams, author of the 1940 thriller “Anna’s Secret Legacy,” shares her remarkable story
Changing Shape
Half a century after the advent of the breast implant, Dr. Michael Stefan has become the master for helping women look and feel their best
The Full Picture
Dr. David Recigno of Willow Grove Dentistry combines new technology with old-fashioned service to provide the best possible care for his patients
A Better End
Divorcing spouses who wish to pursue an amicable end to their union turn to collaborative-law attorney/mediator Elissa C. Goldberg
All in a Day’s Work
As a lead attorney with Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel’s family law practice, Bob Whitelaw makes every minute count
All that Glitters
With Mack & Jane Jewelry, owner Jane Makransky steps into the spotlight with a line of distinctive pieces adored by many
Easing the Burden
In the care of Dr. Marcus R. Williams, patients suffering from obesity, metabolic syndrome and obstructive sleep apnea regain control of their lives
A New Look
Whether someone seeks a perfect prescription, stylish frames or a solution to any problem pertaining to the eye, Dr. Sanjay Kamat works to exceed patients’ expectations
Having It All
Hankin Group’s Eagleview provides retail space, parks, luxury living and more
Gain by Losing
Through a revolutionary program offered by Dr. Vince Fraumeni, people are losing weight and reaping surprising rewards to their health
Pinch Hit
“Never Underestimate a Hermit Crab,” a new book from a local author, encourages children to aspire and explore