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August 2012 Issue
Top Physicians 2012
The men and women devoted to keeping the Philadelphia suburbs fit and healthy
Higher Up
Locally based higher-education institutions raise the bar on their ability to prepare students for the next phase of their lives
Hit like a Girl
In the suburbs, hard-hitting contact sports such as football and hockey aren’t just for the boys
No Limits
Delaware County’s real-life Indiana Jones, Don Lessem, has made it his mission to educate the world—and entertain it, too—about Genghis Khan, dinosaurs and whatever captures his imagination next
Table Games
Distinctive dining is a safe bet at the restaurants within newly opened Valley Forge Casino Resort
Praise for the Appraiser
Discovery Channel regular “Dr. Lori” has made a career out of giving people an honest assessment of trash and treasure alike
Perfect Practice
How Dr. Terry Levitt's thriving orthodontic practice stands the test of time
Look Your Best
Dr. Glenn DeBias and his team are changing the face of Chester County
Growth Opportunities
Turn to John Kohler to tame groves of fast-growing bamboo
To Better Serve the Region
Phoenixville Hospital expands with an outpatient surgery center in Blue Bell
Deeply Committed
When a patient visits Dr. James Vito, “our world stops and theirs begins”
The Eyes Have It
How Dr. Timothy Greco gives patients a natural, more youthful appearance
Superior Stone
Where homeowners can uncover the exotic stone of their dreams
Living the Good Life
Dr. Dennis Bonner offers his patients a way to make the most of their age
Regaining Control
How Dr. Stephanie Molden helps women live their lives to the fullest
Like a Good Neighbor
Dentist Dr. Greg Wilkocz helps his community through education and quality care
Back in the Game
Princeton Brain & Spine Care's holistic approach to healing
Mind, Body and Spirit
How the Center for Women’s Health improves the well-being of local women
The Next Generation of Furniture
Alegacy Furniture uses American-made, Amish products to satisfy customers
The Right Person to Ask for Help
Dr. Laurie Schray excels at helping patients embrace the changes in their lives
Seeing the Light
Dr. Steven Siepser restores patients' vision, without corrective lenses
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