September 2012 Issue
A Giving Receiver
Philadelphia Eagle Jeremy Maclin scores on and off the field
Top of the Class
Top of the Class 2012 Public High School Report Card
Ed Rendell’s plan to get America back to being a nation of risk takers unafraid of doing “big, bold things”
How and where local artists discover the muses to feed their need to create
A Voice for the Voiceless
Through MCAP, a Montgomery County nonprofit, attorneys assist children victimized by abuse
Surprises abound in the cloak-and-dagger world of the Philadelphia area’s private investigators
Forever a Flyer
Off the ice with beloved Hall of Fame defenseman Mark Howe
Main Line Mainstay
Deservedly famous for its wine program, Savona features a talented team capable of crafting a rich, brightly flavored dining experience
Champions of Orthodontia
Cichetti & DelliGatti has been putting patients first since 1975
Starting Strong
How Rosemont School of the Holy Child turns students into leaders for a lifetime
Heal Thy Self
How the Well of Life Center helps clients realize better, fuller and more enriched lives
Reaping Rewards
How Harvest Group Financial Services helps clients realize their retirement goals
For the People
Einstein Medical Center Montgomery builds a care-based connection with the community
Making Better People
Kids are heard, encouraged and understood at Princeton Day School
Moving Forward
How attorney Kim Denise Morton helps divorcing couples—and their children—move forward
Raising the Bar
How Dilworth’s Custom Design is changing the face of home remodeling and renovation
Saving Grace
Design Home Interiors breathes bold, new life into homeowners' precious spaces
The Ritz-Carlton of Fitness
From service to equipment, Devon Fitness Club enhances the workout experience
Natural Beauty
Cole Wellness Spa offers alternatives for improving clients' health and beauty
3 Steps to a New You
3 Steps to a New You It’s not your age that matters. It’s what you see in the mirror. The Institute for Laser and Aesthetic Medicine can make sure you like what you see.
Plugged In
Holy Ghost Preparatory School's 21st century approach helps students learn and thrive
Form and Function
GSI Bath Showplace improves the design and beauty of homeowners' bathrooms
A New Lease on Life
Where women discover relief from incontinence and regain control over their lives
Putting the Care in Eye Care
Schwartz Eye Care offers everything one’s eyes could need